ICYMI The Looming Senate GOP Primary Wars [Cook Political Report]


Cook Political Report: The Looming Senate GOP Primary Wars

By Jessica Taylor

March 7, 2023

Key Points:

  • Can the often divergent interests within the wings of the current GOP come together to nominate electable candidates or will history repeat itself?
  • SLF, the major outside Super PAC aligned with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, only spent via outside groups last cycle in primaries. In New Hampshire, they unsuccessfully tried to stop Don Bolduc, who went on to handily lose to Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan.
  • There are much more consequential races where differing opinions between the Club [for Growth] and other major players like the NRSC and SLF could loom and color the cycle. Differing preferred candidates could emerge in West Virginia and Montana — arguably Republicans’ two best pickup opportunities. Minefields could lurk in other races too.
  • There are problematic re-run candidates in the mix for Republicans — both from disastrous 2022 races and from 2018, including some who already lost to strong Democratic incumbents despite running in red states.
  • And then there’s the question of former President Donald Trump, who’s already launched his own comeback bid for the White House… if he does emerge as the winner…that could still leave him time to wade into GOP races down-ballot.

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