ICYMI: Trump gets wish in Georgia, sparks ‘a political civil war’ [Associated Press]


Associated Press: Trump gets wish in Georgia, sparks ‘a political civil war’

By Jeff Amy and Steve Peoples

December 7, 2021

Key Points:

  • Donald Trump has set out to reshape the GOP in his image across the nation’s top political battlegrounds, sparking bitter primary battles that will force candidates and voters to decide how much to embrace Trump and his grievances.
  • “It is going to be a political civil war here in Georgia,” current Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan… told The Associated Press.
  • It’s not just Georgia.
  • Tension between Trump and what’s left of the Republican establishment is defining primaries for Senate and governor across dozens of states — including Arizona, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania — months before the first ballots are cast next spring and summer.
  • Republicans in Washington and beyond prepared for a nasty and expensive GOP primary, which could ultimately cost tens of millions of dollars.


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