IN THE BATTLEGROUNDS: Democrats Highlight Bipartisan Infrastructure Law & Condemn GOP Opposition

Across the Senate battlegrounds Democrats are highlighting how the bipartisan infrastructure law grows millions of good-paying jobs, helps our nation out-compete other countries, and rebuilds our roads, bridges, clean drinking water, and high-speed internet — and they’re calling out Republican Senate candidates for opposing these popular policies.

  • In Arizona, the Arizona Democratic Party called out the Senate GOP primary field for opposing the critical investments that the infrastructure law will bring:

    “Arizona Republican politicians, including the Senate GOP primary field, have made it clear they oppose fixing Arizona’s roads and bridges, investing in water infrastructure, managing wildfires, and upgrading our ports of entry.”
  • In Florida, Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz celebrated the infrastructure bill becoming law and highlighted the investments the bill will bring to the state while underscoring Republicans like Senator Rubio’s opposition to the law: 

    “Florida Republicans shamefully voted against these popular proposals that will put our state on the right track. Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, and every Florida Republican in the House of Representatives voted against ensuring every Floridian has access to clean water, high speed internet, and safe roads to drive on.”
  • In Georgia, Congresswoman Nikema Williams, Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia slammed Republican candidate Hershel Walker and the rest of the GOP Senate primary field for their repeated criticisms of the infrastructure law:

    “If Herschel Walker and Georgia Republicans had their way, our state would not be getting this historic investment to create thousands of good-paying union jobs, stimulate our economy, and revitalize our state’s roads, bridges, and transportation. Millions of Georgia workers, small businesses, and families will see a new generation of economic growth thanks to Georgia Democrats and the voters who entrusted us.”
  • In Nevada, Executive Director Brynn Palmen of the Nevada Democratic Victory touted the investments the bipartisan infrastructure bill will bring to roads, bridges, and high-speed internet — while also criticizing Republicans who opposed the bipartisan plan and the jobs it will create in the state: 

    “This historic investment brought together both political parties to enact an infrastructure plan that grows good paying Nevada jobs and helps us compete globally by rebuilding our roads and bridges, delivering clean drinking water and high-speed internet. Republicans in the House and Senate supported this legislation, but Nevada’s Republicans continue to oppose it, which would kill jobs and block efforts to deliver clean drinking water, internet access, safe roads and bridges, and modernized transit. Voters will absolutely reject them for putting partisan politics ahead of Nevada’s workers and families come November of 2022.”
  • In New Hampshire, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley praised Senator Hassan’s work in helping secure infrastructure investments in New Hampshire:

    “Our Congressional delegation played a critical role in making sure that the bipartisan infrastructure deal delivers for New Hampshire by repairing roads and bridges, modernizing our waterways and dams, and expanding access to high-speed internet. Senator Shaheen, Senator Hassan, Congresswoman Kuster, and Congressman Pappas were essential in getting this legislation across the finish line and ensuring that it addresses Granite Staters’ priorities. Our delegation’s leadership made this legislation possible and we are grateful for the work they do to consistently get results for the people of New Hampshire.” 
  • In North Carolina, North Carolina Democratic Party chair Bobbie Richardson called out the entire North Carolina Senate GOP primary field for opposing the bipartisan law and standing up against the interests of North Carolina’s economy:

    “Ted Budd, Pat McCrory, Mark Walker and every single North Carolina Republican that stood against these historic investments have an awful lot of explaining to do. In 2022, voters won’t forget that when faced with a choice, they put politics ahead of the best interests of North Carolina’s economy and people.”
  • In Ohio, Ohio Democratic Party Chair Elizabeth Walters highlighted the major investments of the infrastructure law for Ohio and emphasized Republicans’ opposition to the bipartisan law that will help the U.S out-compete countries like China:

    “This bipartisan plan will invest in roads, bridges, water pipes, and high-speed internet, bring back jobs from overseas, and help America compete with countries like China that threaten our economy. The infrastructure plan is a huge win for Ohio, and despite opposition from GOP politicians, will make a meaningful difference in the lives of working Ohioans.”
  • In Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy Patton Mills  called out Republicans for failing to pass an infrastructure package under Trump while Democrats just delivered a bill that will grow jobs and rebuild Pennsylvania’s infrastructure: 

    “Today, President Biden and Democrats delivered what Donald Trump and Republicans failed to: a once-in-a-generation bipartisan infrastructure investment that will create good-paying jobs across the commonwealth, tackle supply chain issues, grow our economy, and make much-needed improvements to Pennsylvania’s roads, bridges and broadband access.”
  • In Wisconsin, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin called out Senator Johnson for voting against the bipartisan infrastructure bill that will help Wisconsin families and bolster the state’s economy:

    “Ron Johnson once again put his self interests ahead of Wisconsin, failing to do his job in DC by doing everything in his power to kill this transformative legislation that will create good paying jobs and bolster our economy.Ron Johnson is wasting Wisconsinites’ time with his self-serving partisan games instead of focusing on delivering real change for our state.”

    Read more about how Democrats are highlighting the infrastructure law in Senate battleground states across the country: HuffPost: Democrats Seek To Make GOP Opposition To Infrastructure Bill Key Campaign Issue


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