IN THE STATES: Democrats Call Out GOP Senate Candidates Anti-Choice Agenda As Republicans Introduce National Abortion Ban

Democrats across the Senate battlegrounds are calling out GOP Senate candidates for standing in lockstep with their party’s plan to ban abortion nationwide – and reminding voters that the stakes of protecting and expanding our Democratic Senate Majority that will fight to protect women’s right to make her own health care decisions has never been higher.

See for yourself:

From the Arizona Democratic Party: “Arizonans are seeing firsthand what’s at stake this November and why it’s so important to re-elect Senator Mark Kelly. While Blake Masters has tried to hide his dangerous beliefs on abortion from Arizonans, the fact is that Masters has embraced every type of national abortion ban that has been proposed, even without exceptions for rape, incest, and life of the mother. For the 87% of Arizonans — Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike — who support the right to safe and legal abortion, it has never been more clear that Blake Masters is a risk we cannot afford.”

From the Colorado Democratic Party: “Joe O’Dea has a disturbing record of supporting abortion bans, and last week he proudly announced he’s hoping to go to the Senate to bring ‘balance to women’s rights.’ He would easily give Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans the majority they need to push a national abortion ban – and Coloradans can’t trust O’Dea to protect their rights when he’s proven to be a rubber stamp for the MAGA agenda.”

From the Florida Democratic Party: “Marco Rubio supports extreme bans on abortion that would force victims of rape, incest, and human trafficking to give birth. Floridians deserve leaders who will protect their freedoms, but Marco Rubio has spent years trying to control their health care decisions, backing a national ban on abortion and introducing legislation to jail doctors for providing reproductive health care.”

From the Georgia Democratic Party: “Senate Republicans have made it clear that their top priority if they take the Senate is passing legislation to ban abortions across the country, and GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker would be in lockstep with them. Walker wants to make abortion totally illegal nationwide — telling reporters in July that ‘there’s not a national ban on abortion right now and I think that’s a problem.’”

From the Catherine Cortez Masto Campaign: “Adam Laxalt has spent months trying to run away from his record of attacking women’s reproductive rights and, despite his recent comments, it’s clear he is still an automatic vote for a federal abortion ban,” said Cortez Masto campaign spokesman Josh Marcus-Blank. “As Attorney General, Laxalt pushed for strict abortion bans across the country and even worked to restrict birth control access. He has focused his campaign on a statewide abortion ban that is even more restrictive than the federal ban proposed today, so there is no question he would support it if elected.”

From the New Hampshire Democratic Party: “With Senate Republicans now actively pushing for a nationwide abortion ban, the stakes could not be higher this November for reproductive rights. Don Bolduc and Chuck Morse both have extreme, anti-choice records that leave zero doubt that they would be a yes vote for Senate Republicans’ national abortion ban.”

From the North Carolina Democratic Party: “The stakes of this election couldn’t be more clear. Ted Budd will stand with Republicans to pass a national abortion ban and take away North Carolinians’ freedom, while Cheri Beasley will protect our freedoms and ensure people are able to make their own medical decisions.”

From the Ohio Democratic Party: “Ohioans’ freedom to choose is on the line in this year’s election. While Tim Ryan would protect Ohioans’ most personal and fundamental rights, J.D. Vance would be another ‘Yes’ vote for Republicans’ extreme agenda of banning abortion nationwide. Ohioans have already seen the consequences of Mike DeWine and Ohio Republicans’ dangerous anti-abortion agenda with the cruel stories of rape survivors denied the healthcare they need, and when they go to the polls this fall they will make it clear that they don’t want to see more politicians insert themselves into these critical healthcare decisions.”

From the Pennsylvania Democratic Party: “It is clear that abortion rights are on the ballot in Pennsylvania’s Senate race. Mehmet Oz would be a vote in favor of this national abortion ban and has said he would fight to ban abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. We cannot trust Mehmet Oz to be the deciding vote in the Senate.”

From the Wisconsin Democratic Party: “Ron Johnson has made clear that taking away Wisconsinites’ right to make their own health care decisions is a top priority. Johnson’s dangerous abortion ban is a direct threat to Wisconsinites’ freedoms.”

Read the DSCC’s Statement here and DSCC Chairman Senator Gary Peters’ Statement here.


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