IN THE STATES: Democrats Call Out Republicans For Siding With China Over American Workers

Democrats in key battleground states are calling out Republicans for siding with China over hard-working Americans by opposing the bipartisan U.S. Innovation and Competition Act: 

  • In Wisconsin, DPW Chair Ben Wikler slammed vulnerable incumbent Ron Johnson for his vote against the bipartisan bill: 

    “When given a choice between standing up for Wisconsin workers or pushing his own political agenda, Ron Johnson picked himself. Despite this legislation bolstering the state’s manufacturing, workers’ education, expanding 5G broadband, and holding China accountable for their unfair economic and cybersecurity practices, Johnson voted against it and against what’s best for the Badger state, which is why Wisconsin will vote against him in 2022.”
  • In Georgia, the Democratic Party of Georgia called out GOP Senate candidates for failing to support the bipartisan legislation that would protect and grow Georgia’s economy: 

    “Every single Republican Senate candidate who claims to champion Georgia’s workers and opposes China’s supply chain stranglehold should be on the record supporting this crucial bill. Otherwise, it’s just empty rhetoric.”
  • In Pennsylvania, the PA Democratic Party called on all Pennsylvania GOP Senate candidates to support the legislation: 

    “This bill is an opportunity to strengthen Pennsylvania’s economy and stand up to China, and all the GOP candidates for U.S. Senate should be on record publicly supporting this bipartisan effort. In refusing to support the bill, Pennsylvania’s GOP Senate candidates signal to voters that they are more concerned with MAGA loyalty tests and fringe conspiracy theories than the issues that actually affect the people of our commonwealth.”
  • And yesterday, the DSCC called out Senate Republicans like Ron Johnson and Marco Rubio for siding with China over hard-working Americans:

    “Given a choice between supporting investments in American jobs and innovation or allowing U.S. companies and workers to fall behind China, Senate Republicans like Ron Johnson and Marco Rubio made it clear that they stand with China. Voters will hold Republicans accountable for their vote to protect China at American workers’ expense.”

The U.S. Innovation and Competition Act is a “once-in-a-generation investment” that will help level the playing field for American companies and workers and protect America’s global leadership and national security in the 21st century.


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