IN THE STATES: Democrats Call Out Republicans For Toxic Health Care Agenda

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling that threw out the most recent GOP challenge to overturn the Affordable Care Act, Democrats in key battleground states are calling out Republicans’ toxic agenda on health care that would spike costs and slash coverage:

  • In Arizona, ADP Chair Raquel Terán called out Mark Brnovich for backing efforts to overturn the Affordable Care Act and made it clear that Republican Senate candidates must answer for their party’s efforts to gut health care for Arizonans:

    “While Democrats will continue to fight for Arizonans’ health care, Republicans, especially those in the U.S. Senate race, must tell Arizonans why they are continuing to support their party’s decade-long effort to rip health care away from Arizonans.”
  • In Georgia, DPG Chair Congresswoman Nikema Williams criticized Georgia Republicans’ for fighting to rip health care away from hundreds of thousands of Georgians:

    “Brian Kemp and Georgia’s GOP Senate candidates will no doubt continue waging war on Georgians’ health care, but Democrats up and down the ballot will keep fighting to expand Medicaid in Georgia, lower costs, and ensure every family has the health care they deserve.”
  • In Nevada, Nevada Democratic Victory praised Senator Cortez Masto for defending the ACA and called out Republicans for their efforts to gut the landmark law:

    “If not for the leadership of Senator Cortez Masto defending the Affordable Care Act on the Senate floor while the Senate GOP worked to gut the landmark law […] countless Nevadans today would be without the health care they need and deserve. Nevada Democratic Victory knows what is at stake for Nevada’s families and that is why we are working day and night to elect Democrats up and down the ballot to expand and protect access to affordable health care for hundreds of thousands of Nevadans, not rip away their health care when Nevadans need it most.”
  • In Pennsylvania, the PA Dems slammed GOP Senate candidates Sean Parnell and Jeff Bartos who are actively running to repeal the ACA:

    “Today’s decision is a victory for health care access for nearly one million of our fellow Pennsylvanians — and a reminder that health care is still under threat from Pennsylvania Republicans. Republican Senate candidates like Sean Parnell and Jeff Bartos have explicitly and unequivocally stated that repealing the ACA is one their top priorities. Democrats remain committed to protecting affordable and accessible health care for every Pennsylvanian — that’s why we must ensure these Republican candidates are defeated in 2022.”
  • In Wisconsin, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin called out Ron Johnson for his numerous attempts to slash health care protections for Wisconsinites:

    “While today’s decision is a huge relief for the hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites who’ll continue to have access to affordable health care, we can’t forget that Ron Johnson and his Republican allies have made it their mission to rip health care away, and we still have a lot of work to do […] Today’s decision reminds us that health care is on the ballot in 2022, and Wisconsinites will vote against those who try to sabotage their care, just as they did in 2018 and 2020.”
  • And the DSCC warned Republicans that voters will hold GOP Senate candidates accountable for their toxic health care agenda:

    “While this ruling is a victory for millions of Americans, it’s also a reminder that Republicans will utilize every tool they can to spike the cost of health care and prescription medicines, jeopardize coverage protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions and push the interests of big insurance and pharmaceutical corporations at the expense of hard working Americans. The coronavirus pandemic has only reinforced the importance of quality, affordable health care — and in 2022 voters will hold every Republican Senate candidate accountable for their toxic agenda that would spike costs and slashes coverage.” 

Reminder: the Republican health care agenda means:


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