IN THE STATES: Wall-to-Wall Coverage of Democrats’ Infrastructure Plan and GOP Opposition

IN THE STATES: Wall-to-Wall Coverage of Democrats’ Infrastructure Plan and GOP Opposition

Voters in key Senate battlegrounds are reading and watching wall-to-wall coverage of Democrats’ infrastructure plan that will grow millions of good-paying jobs and help America out-compete other countries by investing in our roads, bridges, clean drinking water, and high-speed internet — and how GOP Senate candidates are opposing these popular policies.

See for yourself:

AZ-KAWC: Kelly Touts Port Improvements in Infrastructure Package

  • United States Senator Mark Kelly touted the passage of the $1.2 Infrastructure and Jobs Act at a visit to the San Luis Port of Entry.
  • Kelly said the legislation includes investments in roads, bridges, airports, and ports of entry, including $147 million dollars for the San Luis Port of Entry. The funds will be added to $150 million that has already been appropriated.
  • Kelly toured the port with border officials and was briefed on the plan to add vehicle and pedestrian lanes during a recent visit to San Luis.

AZ-Lake Powell Life: Senator Kelly Visits Navajo Nation

  • U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) visited the Navajo Nation last week. The senator toured the Council Chambers in Window Rock and responded to questions from delegates.
  • The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will bring over $11 billion into the 570+ Tribal Nations in the country for new infrastructure projects to begin immediate construction for broadband internet lines, roadways, bridges, and water pipelines.

AZ-KGUN: How Tucson and Arizona benefit from Biden’s infrastructure bill

  • President Joe Biden signed a bipartisan infrastructure bill into law on Monday that gives more than a trillion dollars to public works projects nationwide. More than 7 billion is coming to Arizona.
  • “One trillion dollars, this historic funding for infrastructure, we’re going to feel it directly here in Pima County,” said Adelita Grijalva, Pima County Supervisor, District 5.
  • The largest portion of the money, around $5 billion, is going into highway projects such as widening Interstate 10.

AZ-Navajo-Hopi Observer: Sen. Mark Kelly visits Navajo Nation, lauds water rights, vets

  • Kelly toured a Navajo Housing Authority project site, and visited a Saint Michaels homeowner who had water and sewage lines and a septic system installed in her house.
  • He met officials from Navajo, Apache and Coconino counties and lauded the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act — which Biden signed into law Monday. The new law is the largest investment ever in tribal projects.

AZ-Kingman Daily Miner (Opinion): Sen. Mark Kelly: New roads, faster Internet coming to Mohave County

  • This historic investment in what connects us is going to put Arizona on a path not only to economic recovery, but prosperity. More than a promising path forward for our country, the bipartisan infrastructure bill will be pivotal for Arizona’s workers. Studies show that the bill would create roughly half a million new American manufacturing jobs in the next three years alone. Thousands of jobs will be created right here in Arizona.
  • This is my approach to representing Arizona in the United States Senate – taking what I hear from every corner of the state and delivering results.
  • In this case, this infrastructure bill is going to put Arizonans to work upgrading and building infrastructure in our communities, including in Mohave County. I’ll keep working to rebuild our economy and lower costs for Arizona families not just in Phoenix or Tucson, but in rural and small town Arizona as well.

AZ-Pinal Central (Opinion): Sen. Mark Kelly: Pinal stands to benefit from upgraded highways, water infrastructure

  • Now that it was just signed into law, this bipartisan infrastructure deal will create good-paying jobs that put more money into people’s pockets, upgrade infrastructure, secure our water future and help prepare Pinal County for the continued economic growth ahead.
  • This infrastructure bill will repair aging roads and bridges and build new highway projects, a critical investment for communities dealing with congestion along I-8 and I-10.
  • I fought to expand broadband across our state, with special attention to rural areas that frequently face higher costs for these projects.

AZ-Yuma Sun (Opinion): Sen. Mark Kelly: Port of entry, water both top priorities in infrastructure bill

  • If there are two things that define southwestern Arizona, they are Yuma’s agricultural industry and cross-border travel and trade with Mexico.
  • Southern Arizona and these enormous economic drivers were front of mind when I was working with Republicans and Democrats on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which is, as of last week, on its way to the President’s desk to create good-paying jobs in Arizona, grow our economy, and put money back in the pockets of working families.

AZ-Daily Independent (Opinion): Sen. Mark Kelly: Valley benefits from new roads, transit investments

  • The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is a down payment on the things that connect us — roads, bridges, transit, internet and more — and is going to put Arizona on a path not only to economic recovery, but prosperity.
  • More than ensuring a competitive edge for our country, it will be pivotal for Arizona’s workers. Studies have found that the bipartisan infrastructure bill would create roughly half a million new American manufacturing jobs in the next three years alone.
  • Thousands of jobs will be created right here in Arizona.
  • More than anything, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act represents an opportunity to propel our communities forward.


“Keep in mind, this bill was crafted by the Senate, where it had strong bipartisan support, but both the Florida Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott opposed it and played no meaningful role in crafting it.”

FL-Florida Phoenix (Opinion): Florida could cash in on President Biden’s infrastructure bill — if we had a plan

  • How sweeping is this almost-law? It’s so good that Florida’s junior senator, Rick Scott, told CNN that the Republicans who voted against it — as he and Sen. Marco Rubio did — are likely to claim credit for at least some of the things it does.
  • The Bill is supposed to help pay for warding off cyberattacks on water supplies, such as the one earlier this year that aimed to poison Oldsmar’s population.
  • There’s funding for building wildlife crossings, something our state animal, the frequently flattened Florida panther, sure could use. And there’s money for fixing our faulty sewage systems that keep spilling poop in our waterways.

FL-Tampa Bay Times (Editorial): Senate infrastructure plan a boost for Florida

  • The infrastructure plan the Senate passed Tuesday is a boon to Florida, a bipartisan achievement and a much-needed investment in the nation’s future.
  • It was too bad, but entirely predictable, that Florida’s two senators could not hoist themselves from the partisan sideline to do what was best for the Sunshine State.
  • Florida Republican Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott both voted “no” on the package, with Scott complaining that “the Democrats want to spend all the money, but they don’t want to take responsibility for the debt.” Where was the Republican concern for debt when tax cuts and runaway spending under then-President Donald Trump added nearly $4 trillion to the deficit?

FL-WPEC: How infrastructure bill will impact Palm Beach County

  • Palm Beach County spends about $20 million to upgrade our roads each year. With this new infrastructure bill, there should be $6-7 million more to go around.
  • You’ll notice roads becoming easier to navigate at problem intersections and safer for everyone on four wheels, two wheels or two feet. And I-95 improvements that might not have happened for years are getting started a lot sooner.
  • Both of Florida’s Republican senators voted against this bill.


“The new infrastructure bill… will include $8 million dollars to create 3 “pop up” container yards to free up even more space here in Savannah. Georgia Senator Raphael Warncok.. said the pop up yards will help unlock the supply chain.”

GA-WRBL: Senator Warnock speaks about the infrastructure bill

  • Not only is the bill about providing broadband andrebuilding communities, but it’s also going to provide jobs.
  • “It’s about creating opportunities and as I move across the state, I talk to farmers who are frustrated because they can’t even farm efficiently without a broadband connection. So this infrastructure bill is about jobs, it’s about opportunities, it’s about building a clean energy future to strengthen our economy now in the wake of this pandemic.”

GA-WGXA: Bibb Democrats praise passage of Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

  • Macon-Bibb County Democrats celebrated the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Thursday morning.
  • Macon-Bibb Democrats praised the bill’s intended “economy-boosting, job-creating efforts” that lawmakers say will support good-paying union jobs while fixing some of our significant infrastructure needs.


“This is about…American jobs. It’s making sure we are taking care of our families. And we’re leaning into the clean energy economy that solar is going to bring us. It’s exciting Nevada is really on the leading edge of all of this.”

NV-The Nevada Independent: What the infrastructure bill means for water in Nevada and the West

  • Under the bill, over the next five years, Nevada could receive about $405 million to fund water projects that focus on everything from fixing aging infrastructure to ensuring access to clean drinking water.
  • The legislation also includes $1 billion for water reuse, roughly half of which ($450 million) will go to a competitive grant program for large-scale recycling projects. Earlier this year…Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto had introduced legislation to shore up that funding.

NV-Reno Gazette Journal (Opinion): Bill will help rebuild Nevada’s infrastructure and create Nevada jobs

  • This bill is a historic investment in Nevada’s working people and families, generating union jobs in every single part of our state.
  • The Infrastructure Bill likely will create 15 million jobs nationwide. More than 140,000 of those jobs would be here in Nevada.
  • And these aren’t just any jobs. These are good-paying, transformational jobs that can lift entire families into the middle class while building and repairing the infrastructure our state so desperately needs.

NH-WMUR: Money for New Hampshire roads, bridges, internet included in infrastructure bill

  • New Hampshire will get more than $1 billion to repair roads and bridges, hundreds of millions of dollars to improve water infrastructure and at least $100 million to build out high-speed internet under the recently passed federal infrastructure bill.
  • The increased broadband access in the bill is expected to bring high-speed internet to more than 42,000 people in the state that don’t have it.
  • There is also money for New Hampshire airports, clean drinking water and network security, plus $125 million for public transportation and rail investments.

NH-WMUR: Rural broadband access to increase under infrastructure bill

  • The legislation includes $10 billion dollars that will provide funding to help clean up contaminated areas from PFAS and other chemicals, passenger and freight rail systems, which could help link New Hampshire to Boston’s commuter rail system. The bill also funds technological infrastructure like rural broadband access.
  • Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan also emphasizing the importance of broadband connection.
  • Senator Hassan says, “the cyber security aspect is also really important. We know cyber attacks are the new frontier in warfare, and we know that in order for our entire state and country to be secure every connection to an internet provider has to be secure.”

NH-The Caledonian-Record (Opinion): Infrastructure Bill Delivers for Rural New Hampshire

  • With the bipartisan infrastructure bill, Senators Shaheen and Hassan have shown they are on the side of rural Granite Staters.
  • This bill works to solve long overdue problems that have plagued the North Country and our rural communities for years. It’s our homes and small businesses that have the least reliable access to affordable high-speed internet, our roads and bridges that have fallen into the most disrepair, and our towns that are most at risk for power outages in storms.
  • Now, thanks to the leadership of…Senator Hassan, this bill will modernize our economy, create jobs, and give our rural communities the investment and the support they need.

NH-Roll Call: Biden visit to New Hampshire touts infrastructure law — and Dem lawmakers

  • President Joe Biden on Tuesday touted the role of New Hampshire’s current all-Democratic congressional delegation in passing the bipartisan infrastructure bill that he signed into law Monday.
  • Biden highlighted Hassan first, telling the crowd: “Maggie was a key player in every aspect of this law. She’s led by getting bipartisan support. She made the case for making sure the law delivers high-speed internet everywhere in New Hampshire — which, as you know from the pandemic, is badly needed.”
  • During his remarks Tuesday, Biden also highlighted other provisions, including efforts to deal with the effects of sea level rise as well as, of course, the upgrades to roads and bridges.

NC-WCNC: Charlotte leaders applaud new infrastructure investment

“Today a group of Charlotte leaders applauded President Biden’s speaking of that infrastructure investment. They say it will make a big difference in transportation.”


“It will make the most significant investment in passenger rail in the past 50 years and in public transit ever, including developing the next critical link in the Charlotte to Raleigh to Richmond to Washington southeast corridor. This means that every resident in Charlotte will be safer and get where they’re going faster.”

NC-Salisbury Post (Opinion): Budd played politics with investments in jobs, infrastructure

  • This legislation will create millions of good-paying jobs, help American businesses grow, get folks back to work and strengthen American competitiveness. It’s a win for everyone in North Carolina. That’s why Rep. Ted Budd’s vote against the historic bill is even more damning.
  • Budd made the choice that playing politics was more important to him than voting to bring these investments back home. He made the choice that political games were more important to him than ensuring North Carolinians have clean water, high-speed internet, good-paying jobs, and improved roads and bridges to drive their kids to school, go to work, or get to a doctor’s appointment safely.
  • This historic package proved that meaningful accomplishments can be made by forging consensus and staying laser focused on delivering for the people of North Carolina. Budd proves time and again that he still has far too much to learn.

NC-News and Observer (Editorial): The lame excuses NC Republicans had for opposing the infrastructure bill

  • Reps. Ted Bud…opposed spending that will repair the state’s roads and bridges, expand broadband, improve mass transit, take lead out of drinking water and make the state more resilient to flooding related to climate change.
  • In 2022, North Carolina voters should remember who tried to derail an infrastructure plan that will bring the state so much to improve its quality of life and commerce now and for future generations.

NC-The Greensboro News & Record (Opinion): Infrastructure bill bipartisan win

  • The deal is expected to bring billions in investments to North Carolina, both our urban and rural areas. “The jobs created by this legislation are jobs that cannot be outsourced. They will be performed here in the United States of America,” Rep. Deborah Ross of N.C.’s 2nd Congressional District said during a news conference Monday in Raleigh. “It will boost all of our workers.”
  • Best of all, it’s a victory for the American people as we compete to be the world’s marketplace, strive to provide our children with a world-class education and set the stage for a prosperous and peaceful future.

NC-The Reflector (Opinion): Bobbie Richardson: Rural economies will benefit from Biden bill

  • Democrats delivered a historic investment in our economic future, yet all three Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate stood against the bipartisan legislation. Ted Budd, Pat McCrory and Mark Walker’s opposition to these critical investments is disqualifying to families like mine whose lives will be improved because of the desperately-needed investments included in this legislation.

OH-Toledo Blade (Editorial): Infrastructure bill is on road to helping Ohioans

  • Passage of the $1 trillion infrastructure bill by Congress last week brings a much needed infusion of cash for infrastructure needs in Ohio. Working to modernize and fix faltering roads and bridges and other hard infrastructure programs means jobs for Ohioans.
  • Ohio’s two U.S. Senators, Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown, are the type of legislators who strive to get things done, rather than obstruct any legislation for partisan gains. While they espouse different political philosophies and often must agree to disagree on policy matters, both men are legislators first and partisans second. Both men supported the bill.

OH-The Chronicle: Local Democrats, union leaders celebrate $1.2 infrastructure bill

  • Lorain County Democrats and union leaders celebrated the passage of the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act; more than $12 billion in funding is set to come to Ohio.
  • With a made-in-America provision written into the bill, the county commissioner said the results probably will mean many more union jobs coming to Ohio as local governments, making life easier for working people.
  • The infrastructure plan also includes funds for improving access to broadband, bringing help for the 28 percent of Ohio workers who cannot afford internet access.

OH-The Morning Journal: Infrastructure bill will benefit family, community, Lorain County Democratic leaders say Jobs, Internet, better roads, waterlines

  • The Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will help communities pay for road and utility projects — and it will help Lorain County families, said Democratic elected officials and local union leaders.
  • Lorain County is a hub of Ohio, and the bill has money to take care of Lake Erie, roads, bridges and water mains.It will help people, whether they work at Ford Motor Co., an office building, a government, police or fire or street department, said Hunter, a retired auto worker.


“The message was clear today: Jobs, jobs, and more jobs. Leaders say that this landmark law will create new good-paying union jobs, revitalize our roads and bridges, and bring high-speed broadband internet to communities that really need it

PA-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Editorial): Infrastructure measure is good for Pennsylvania

  • Marc Stier, director of the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, projects that the state could receive a minimum of $17.8 billion in new spending.
  • The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is an opportunity for Pennsylvania and the nation to accomplish big things. It’s time to stop arguing and get to work on it.

PA-WPXI: Allegheny County leaders detail how federal infrastructure bill will impact you

  • PennDOT officials gave Channel 11 a long list of projects that could get underway thanks to the federal money.
  • “$39 billion for public transit. $55 million for water and lead line replacement. $65 million for broadband internet access. These resources can be life-changing,” said Duquesne Mayor Nickole Nesby.
  • Leaders estimated 40,000 union jobs in Allegheny County will be created over the next few years thanks to the bill.

WI-WEAU: How the bipartisan infrastructure law impacts Wisconsin

  • With the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act now law, Wisconsinites may soon start seeing more construction.
  • That’s because the legislation, commonly referred to as the bipartisan infrastructure bill, spends money on roads, bridges, water infrastructure, transportation, ports, airports, rural broadband and more.
  • The White House said Wisconsin is set to receive about $5.5 billion in federal funds to fix its roads and bridges over the next five years. The state is also set to receive more than $1.8 billion for other infrastructure projects covered by the legislation.

WI-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Wisconsin will get at least $100 million for broadband expansion under the massive federal infrastructure bill

  • Wisconsin will get at least $100 million, to be used for broadband expansion, under the massive infrastructure bill passed by Congress and expected to be signed into law by President Joe Biden.
  • The infrastructure plan also allocates $14.2 billion for a broadband subsidy meant to replace the FCC’s existing Emergency Broadband Benefit program. The new funding would create a permanent $30 a month subsidy to help low-income families afford service.
  • A significant portion of rural Wisconsin — if it has access to the internet at all — lacks access at broadband speeds. 


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