“It’s An Absolute Disaster” – Senate Republicans’ National Abortion Ban Slammed

Washington Post: “‘It’s an absolute disaster,’ GOP strategist John Thomas said.”
Axios: Former GOP Aide Brendan Buck: “…trying to score points with the culture war crowd at the expense of possibly blowing the Senate. Must love the minority.”

New reports continue to highlight how Senate Republicans’ national abortion ban is “the latest misfire” that “reminds voters that most of them see the party as too extreme on abortion” – as even Republican strategists quipped the GOP “must love the minority.”

See for yourself:

  • The Washington Post: Republicans in muddle on abortion as ban proposed by Graham exposes rifts. “‘It’s an absolute disaster,’ GOP strategist John Thomas said, as Republican Senate nominees already targeted for their comments on abortion were asked to weigh in. ‘Oy vey,’ he said when informed that Blake Masters in battleground Arizona had just expressed his support.
  • Axios: Republicans’ rocky attempt to change the abortion narrative. “Brendan Buck, a long-time aide to former House Speaker Paul Ryan, called Graham ‘unbelievably selfish,’ accusing him of ‘trying to score points with the culture war crowd at the expense of possibly blowing the Senate. Must love the minority.’”
  • The Hill: Graham creates unwelcome political problem for McConnell, GOP. “Senate Republicans aren’t thrilled that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), one of former President Trump’s most loyal allies, is creating a political problem for them by stoking the national abortion debate, which has energized Democratic voters, shortly before Election Day.”
  • Roll Call: Graham eyes national abortion ban. “Republican strategists have warned against focusing on abortion messaging after Kansas voters overwhelmingly defeated a ballot initiative this year that would have added language to the state constitution that abortion was not a constitutional right.”


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