Just Days After GOP Losses, Republicans – Including Gardner, Tillis, James – to Fundraise with McConnell and Trump

The NRSC’s multi-day retreat at the Trump International Hotel starts just two days after Republicans suffered devastating losses – particularly in the suburbs – in states like Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Virginia

Vulnerable Senate Republicans are once again cashing in on their unwavering support for President Donald Trump and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as they kick off the NRSC’s multi-day ‘Save the Senate’ fundraising retreat today at the Trump International Hotel in Washington. Senators Cory Gardner (CO) and Thom Tillis (NC) and failed Senate candidate John James (MI) are among the Republicans planning to attend from states where the president’s approval rating is underwater.

The D.C. retreat with Trump and McConnell comes just two days after Republicans suffered devastating losses in states like Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Virginia that “left Republicans stumbling and increasingly uncertain about their own political fates next year tied to an embattled and unpopular president.” In Kentucky, where Trump campaigned on the eve of the election and made the race a referendum on himself, the Republican incumbent still fell short.

Republicans got “blown out in the suburbs – again” because of their toxic agenda on health care and other key issues, proving again that the GOP has no answer for the growing “suburban revolt” against their party that “shows little sign of slowing in 2020.”

With Congress now grappling with questions about the president’s admission that he pressured a foreign country to investigate a political opponent and interfere in the 2020 election, Trump is “rewarding senators who have his back” and has already bought the support of these vulnerable Republicans with “cold cash” — raising more than $100,000 each for Senators Gardner, Tillis, and Ernst in exchange for their political loyalty.


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