KEY VOTE ALERT: Senator Marco Rubio Votes Against $1400 Relief Checks, Urgently Needed American Rescue Plan

 Rubio Facing Backlash For Opposing Overwhelmingly Popular Package That Includes Funding For Vaccine Distribution, Support To Help Schools Reopen Safely, Major Help For Small Businesses And Local Communities

After spending days engaged in a series of procedural stunts designed to obstruct desperately needed pandemic relief, vulnerable Senator Marco Rubio voted against the urgently needed American Rescue Plan. Rubio voted against delivering long-overdue relief that has “broad, bipartisan support” at a time when more than 31,000 Floridians have died from COVID-19, nearly 2 million have been infected, and thousands more have lost their jobs, seen their small businesses close, or had their lives upended during this crisis. 

“When given the opportunity to help Florida families struggling to survive this public health and economic crisis, Marco Rubio instead played political games, fell in line with Mitch McConnell and voted against urgently needed relief that has bipartisan support in his state,” said DSCC Executive Director Christie Roberts. “This vote against the American Rescue Plan is more of the same from a self-serving politician who was happy to hand out tax breaks for his wealthy donors but is too weak to stand up to his party leaders to pass critical relief for Floridians during a pandemic. Voters won’t forget how Marco Rubio turned his back on his constituents and voted to keep this vital assistance from reaching Floridians.”

Senator Rubio voted today against a relief package that will:

  • Deliver $1,400 direct relief checks
  • Ramp up access to vaccines and testing
  • Provide additional local funding to help schools safely reopen
  • Send aid to state and local governments to help keep first responders on the job
  • Extend emergency unemployment insurance
  • Boost critical small business assistance
  • Cut child poverty nearly in half

While Senator Rubio voted no, the American people support this plan:


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