“Long, Contentious and Expensive:” New Reports Highlight Increasingly Nasty GOP Senate Primary in Pennsylvania

A series of new reports are highlighting how the already chaotic GOP Senate primary in Pennsylvania is getting messier, as Mehmet Oz’s entrance into the race is “not deterring other Republicans from running.” Instead, it’s sparked a fresh round of GOP infighting and a focus on how multiple announced and potential GOP candidates are facing charges of carpetbagging.

See for yourself:

CBS Pittsburgh: Dr. Oz’s Entry Into Senate Race Not Deterring Other Republicans From Running

  • Insiders knew the battle… would be long, contentious and expensive.
  • What was not predicted was how many newcomers to politics and, frankly, recent residents of other states would seek to represent Pennsylvania.
  • Oz… was born in Ohio, raised in Delaware and lived in New Jersey for most of his adult life.
  • But Oz is not alone. Long-time Californian Carla Sands… has returned to Pennsylvania.
  • And then there’s Dave McCormick… [who] now lives in Connecticut running a hedge fund.
  • “We haven’t seen such an invasion in Pennsylvania since Lee came to Gettysburg,” Ceisler said.
  • Bottom line: The candidacy of Oz has certainly not stopped others from making a run for the same office.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Senate candidate Mehmet Oz says he’s a Pennsylvania resident now. So why’s he still hanging out in his New Jersey mansion?

  • Oz’s social media still frequently show him at his North Jersey mansion, long after he says he moved to Pennsylvania.
  • More than 20 posts in the last three months alone appear to show him at his Cliffside Park home, some with New York in the background.
  • In this GOP primary, Oz has company. Carla Sands, Trump’s former ambassador to Denmark, is running for the Senate after spending much of her adult life in Southern California, and another potential candidate, David McCormick, is said to be moving to the Pittsburgh area from Connecticut so he can run.
  • Oz’s critics are already jumping on his residency.
  • Pennsylvania Republican, U.S. Rep. Dan Meuser, tweeted his support Wednesday for McCormick, saying he would be “an America First/PA First Senator” and “FROM PENNSYLVANIA!!”

Morning Call: Dr. Oz for U.S. Senate? Pennsylvania doesn’t need carpetbaggers like him (Opinion)

  • When Republican voters decide the primary in May, I suggest they send him this message: “You’ve no power here! Begone.”
  • Oz would be welcome if he were a true Pennsylvanian. But he’s just the latest in a long line of carpetbaggers from coast-to-coast.
  • I hope Pennsylvania voters will pull back the curtain on Oz.
  • It’s interesting that Oz waited for Trump’s candidate, Sean Parnell, to drop out of the Pennsylvania Senate race before he announced he would run. Seems he’s counting on becoming Trump’s next chosen one.

TMZ: DR. OZ OPPONENT RIPS HIM… Says He’ll Lose Quick

  • One of at least 7 other Republican candidates vying for one of Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate seats — is confident he will wipe the floor with the good doc once they hit the campaign trail.
  • Talking trash like he was Jake Paul, Stern predicts Oz won’t last 5 minutes on a debate stage before he’s forced to wave the white flag. He says Oz won’t be able to read off a teleprompter the way he has for years on TV, and simply isn’t prepared to hash out political issues.


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