“Many Disturbing Things About Blake Masters” – Day After AZ Senate Primary, Strategist Karen Finney Highlights Flawed Senate Candidates Record

On the first day of the general election in the Arizona Senate race, Democratic strategist and CNN political commentator Karen Finney joined Mornings With Zerlina on SiriusXM Progress to discuss the Democratic midterm outreach efforts, the GOP’s attacks on abortion, and Blake Masters’ dangerous beliefs that are deeply out of step with Arizonans. 

Mornings With Zerlina
August 3, 2022

Key Points:

  • The DSCC actually has an effort,, which is part of their voter engagement to make sure that voters are very clear about where candidates stand on these issues, because the other thing we know … in some of these contests, Republicans are trying to not talk about where they stand, because they know they’re wrong on this issue.
  • It’s really important that we remind voters again, if you’re someone who is so beholden to The Big Lie, can you really trust that person in Congress, because their agenda is going to be about that ideology. It’s not necessarily going to be about you, and creating jobs, and lowering prescription drug costs, and delivering on the things that actually have an impact on people’s lives.
  • There’s so many disturbing things about Blake Masters… he’s a pusher of a great replacement theory. We know that the great replacement theory is not only racist and wrong, but it has led to violence in this country. Is that someone you would trust to go to the United States Senate and make important decisions that affect this country? When you have a candidate like Mark Kelly, who… has a lifetime of service to this country, as an astronaut in his role as senator, as someone who has been an activist, an advocate for common sense gun safety measures for jobs and has been delivering for the people of Arizona.
  • I’ve been really pleased to see the DSCC, the DCCC, and the DNC really working hard early this season two do that level of outreach. They’ve been… making the case on abortion rights, but also reaching out to Black voters. I think we have to remember black voters, we will make the difference in many of these elections, we will be that margin of victory… Making sure we are engaging voters now and making sure folks are not just mobilized but that they have the information they need to get out and vote.
  • You’ve got to be willing to vote every single election, because that is the project of democracy. We have to keep showing up to fight for the things we care about.


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