McConnell-Led Senate Has “Essentially Shut Down,” Two Months Since Last Roll Call Vote to Pass Legislation

Americans expect solutions, from protecting patients with pre-existing conditions to fixing the Republican tax hike on Gold Star families, but Republicans haven’t held a roll call vote to pass legislation in two months

Mitch McConnell and his spineless majority hit a new low this week as the Senate marks two months since it “held a roll call vote on passage of any type of legislation.” Despite the pressing demand to protect patients with pre-existing conditions from the GOP-led effort to erase coverage protections or urgent need to fix the Republican tax hike on Gold Star families, McConnell hasn’t called a roll call vote to pass bipartisan legislation in two months.

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman Stewart Boss issued the following statement:

“A lot can happen in two months — unless you’re a Republican in the U.S. Senate. After shutting down the government for the longest period in American history, you’d think Senator McConnell and other vulnerable incumbents would get to work on the issues important to their states but they’re too busy caving to the White House and protecting their own political careers to hold a roll call vote to pass a single piece of legislation that could help their constituents. Even for the McConnell-led majority, this is a shameful new low.”


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