NEW ADS: DSCC Holds Republican Senators Johnson, Rubio Accountable For Voting Against Urgently Needed COVID Relief

The DSCC is launching new digital video ads today after vulnerable Senate Republicans Ron Johnson and Marco Rubio cast votes against the American Rescue Plan and sought to block urgently needed relief for families and communities struggling to get through this pandemic.

The new 30-second YouTube ads running in Wisconsin and Florida this week call out the vulnerable GOP incumbents for voting against $1,400 direct relief checks, against resources to increase access to vaccines, against local funding to help schools safely reopen, and against emergency assistance for small businesses and restaurants. The ads also note the clear and overwhelming support for this relief package from Americans across the country.

WATCH the DSCC’s new digital ad:

“While hardworking people in Wisconsin, Florida and across the country are still reeling because of this pandemic, Senate Republicans like Marco Rubio and Ron Johnson showed they care more about scoring political points in Washington than securing relief for their states,” said DSCC spokesperson Stewart Boss. “If it were up to these Republican senators, struggling families would not get $1,400 checks, would lose enhanced unemployment relief, and would still be waiting for more resources to rescue small businesses, expand vaccinations and get schools reopened. This was a dangerous and harmful vote against a broadly popular COVID-19 relief plan, and we will continue to hold Republicans accountable.”


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