NEW: GOP Senators Push “Unilateral Tax Cut for the Rich”

After voting for a massive tax break for the ultra-wealthy, Tillis, Cornyn, and Daines support a new Republican plan “to unilaterally cut taxes for the rich”

Republican Senators Thom Tillis, John Cornyn, and Steve Daines joined 18 of their GOP colleagues yesterday in sending a letter to the Treasury Secretary asking the Trump Administration “to unilaterally cut taxes for the rich.” The Trump Administration has been considering bypassing Congress to give out a $100 billion tax cut that would primarily benefit the wealthy by cutting taxes on capital gains.

The push for new tax cuts for the rich that aren’t paid for comes just a year and a half after Senate Republicans passed a tax law that eventually gives 83% of its benefits to the richest 1% of Americans, adds nearly $2 trillion to the national debt, threatens cuts to Social Security and Medicare, and laid the foundation for the lawsuit against protections for pre-existing conditions.

“Instead of looking for ways to work on the issues confronting regular families – like the rising cost of health care, prescription drugs, and cost of living – Senators Tillis, Cornyn, and Daines are pushing an agenda for the wealthy donors they’re relying on to fund their campaigns,” said Stewart Boss, DSCC spokesperson. “These senators are so wildly out of touch with their constituents that they’re pushing for yet another irresponsible round of tax cuts for the rich, and voters are going to reject this in 2020.”

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