ON THIS DAY: Following Failed Effort to Repeal Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage, GOP Resorts to “Dismantling With Executive Order”

Reckless executive order paved the way for higher costs and junk insurance plans that vulnerable GOP incumbents voted to uphold & ensured Republicans “would effectively ‘own health care’ as a political issue

On this day in 2017, following Senate Republicans’ repeated failure to gut the health care protections millions of their constituents rely on, President Trump issued an executive order to begin tearing down the health care law, opening the door to “skyrocketing” health care costs and junk insurance plans “so skimpy that they offer no meaningful coverage” that “can deny coverage based on consumers’ pre-existing health conditions.”

At the time, Republicans warned that if the administration moved forward with this reckless plan to undercut critical coverage health protections — like those for pre-existing conditions, maternity care, and allowing kids to stay on their parents’ insurance until age 26 — they “would effectively ‘own health care’ as a political issue.” Two years later, health care remains Americans’ “most important” issue and Republicans are desperately trying to hide their efforts until after the 2020 election to protect vulnerable incumbent Senators who have consistently worked to gut their constituents’ care.

“Every Senate Republican has played a part in their party’s reckless campaign to send health care costs soaring and gut coverage for millions of Americans,” said DSCC spokesperson Stewart Boss. “Now, vulnerable GOP incumbents are scrambling to cover their tracks and avoid accountability for their efforts to gut their constituents’ care, but it’s too late — voters know who’s to blame for their rising health care costs and lower-quality care, and they’ll continue to reject Republicans’ toxic health care agenda.”

Read more about the ongoing fallout for Republicans’ relentless campaign to gut the health care protections their constituents rely on:


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