ON THIS DAY: Gardner Called Taking Away Health Care a “Losing Strategy” After Voting To Do Just That

Gardner has voted repeatedly to tear down health care protections for millions and uphold junk insurance plans that “can deny coverage based on consumers’ pre-existing health conditions

One year ago, the Associated Press reported that Senator Cory Gardner said: “Look, if they want to take away people’s health insurance and that’s what they’re campaigning on for the next several weeks, I think it’s a losing strategy.” That statement came immediately after Gardner had just voted to uphold junk insurance plans that make it easier for insurance companies to “deny coverage based on consumers’ pre-existing health conditions.”

Gardner is now among the most vulnerable Republicans in the country, but he refuses to stand up against his party’s reckless efforts to drive up health care costs and gut coverage protections such as those for Coloradans with pre-existing conditions, maternity care, and allowing kids to stay on their parents’ insurance until age 26 — a “losing strategy” so toxic that new reports show Republicans are trying to hide their efforts until after the 2020 election to protect vulnerable incumbents like Gardner.

“Senator Gardner has said himself that taking away health care from Coloradans is a losing strategy, and he’s going to find out just how right he was,” said DSCC spokesperson Stewart Boss. “After consistently working in Washington to attack his constituents’ health care to try to please his wealthy special interest donors, it’s no wonder Gardner is the most vulnerable Republican in the country.”

The DSCC has held Senator Gardner accountable for his toxic record, running digital ads spotlighting his efforts to tear down the health care law. Watch the most recent ad here.


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