Perdue Faces Brutal Headlines After Ducking Debates in Georgia Runoff

Senator David Perdue is facing another round of brutal coverage after ducking debates in the Georgia runoffs, refusing to defend his toxic record in front of Georgia voters. Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock both have challenged their respective opponents to televised debates before the runoff and already accepted debate invitations from local news hosts. But Perdue has already ducked at least one of the local news invitations and “made it clear that he doesn’t plan on debating Ossoff again,” while Loeffler has yet to accept a debate invitation.

At the Atlanta Press Club’s upcoming debate, Perdue will be replaced by an empty podium, an apt symbol for his failure of leadership throughout the pandemic. And with a record like his, it’s no wonder Perdue is afraid to face questions about his stock trade scandal and his crusade to take away Georgians’ health care in the middle of a pandemic. In fact, the last time either Republican took the debate stage they faced devastating news coverage––Perdue was taken to task by Ossoff for prioritizing his personal stock portfolio during the pandemic and attacking Georgians’ health care, while Loeffler could not name a single area of disagreement with President Trump on anything at all.

“Senator Perdue is chickening out and refusing to debate his opponent because he knows he can’t defend his toxic record of downplaying the coronavirus pandemic and attacking health care for millions of Georgians,” said DSCC spokesperson Helen Kalla. “But the reality is despite his attempts to hide and avoid scrutiny, Georgians know Perdue is only looking out for himself and can’t be trusted to put them first.”

Now Perdue is facing brutal scrutiny from local and national media for ducking debates and avoiding tough questions. Check out the headlines:

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Perdue ducks debate against Ossoff ahead of January runoff
Georgia Public Broadcasting: Sen. Perdue To Be ‘Represented By An Empty Podium’ At Debate
AP: Perdue declines runoff debates against Ossoff in Georgia
CNN: Georgia Sen. David Perdue declines to debate opponent ahead of January 5 runoff
WMAZ: Sen. David Perdue rejects debates against Jon Ossoff
Washington Post: Georgia’s Sen. David Perdue declines invitation for Dec. 6 debate against Ossoff
The Hill: Perdue declines to participate in debate with Ossoff ahead of Georgia Senate runoff
HuffPost: GOP Sen. David Perdue Declines To Debate Democrat Jon Ossoff Ahead Of Georgia Runoff
Forward: Jon Ossoff calls opponent a “coward” after he refuses debate in special runoff election


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