A “Portrait of Absenteeism:” Missing Marco Missed 20/23 Classified Intelligence Briefings Despite Claiming He Did “All The Intelligence Briefings”

Marco Rubio loves talking about the fact that he serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee.


While on his doomed campaign for President, he routinely claimed he was better prepared than his rivals because as a member of this committee, he had the same intelligence that the president does. And in late October, as his absentee voting record was making national headlines, Rubio tried to defend his record by stating declaratively “We do all the intelligence briefings.”


Perhaps Rubio has a different definition of “all” than the rest of us. For all the talking Rubio did about his service on the Intelligence Committee, in classic Missing Marco fashion, when it came time to show up and do the work, he was no where to be found.


In a new piece from the Tampa Bay Times this weekend, it’s revealed that between the time Rubio claimed he did “all” the intelligence briefings and his withdrawal from the presidential race, Rubio missed 20 of 23 classified Intelligence Committee meetings:


“The new information about closed Intelligence briefings, based on his campaign schedule and other information, adds a new layer to the portrait of absenteeism.”


Already under fire for missing more votes than any Florida Senator in nearly 50 years, and for missing 60% of his Foreign Relations hearings, it becomes more and more clear that while Floridians can count on Rubio to serve his own self-interest, they can’t trust him to show up to work for the job they elected him to do.


Read full story: Tampa Bay Times: After defending his record, Marco Rubio missed most classified briefings

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