Quick Clip: “Republicans Have Been Spreading Lies About Nonexistent Voter Fraud”

Rick Scott’s desperation made late-night TV as Seth Meyers shined a spotlight on how Scott his allies are “spreading baseless conspiracy theories” about voter fraud. Independent fact checkers have already confirmed what the Tampa Bay Times, Miami Herald, Politico, and Steve Bousquet all reported: Self-Serving Scott’s allegations of fraud have no evidence.


SETH: So as the results get worse for Republicans, they are getting more desperate.

They seem to be focusing their desperation on Florida, where Governor and Senate candidate Rick Scott has been spreading baseless conspiracy theories about voter fraud amid a recount there in an incredibly tight race. And now he and his lawyers won’t even say that they’ll accept the results as legitimate if he loses.

So Republicans have been spreading lies about nonexistent voter fraud without any evidence.


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