Republicans Delaying Action To Lower Costs With “Dishonest,” “Pointless,” “Theater.”

Today Senate Republicans are standing in the way of Democrats’ efforts to address working families’ most pressing priorities like lowering costs and strengthening our economy by holding sham votes that even Republicans have called “dishonest” “theater.” 

  • The Hill: “Generally speaking, it’s theater, where the underlying bill is what ultimately passes out, and it’s dishonest,” Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) told The Hill.  

From DSCC spokesperson Nora Keefe: “While Democrats are fighting to lower costs for working families, Senate Republicans are standing in the way by holding sham votes that even their fellow Republicans have called ‘dishonest’ political ‘theater.’ All the GOP will accomplish is reminding voters that Senate Republicans represent everything they hate about Washington politics.” 


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