Republicans Move Forward With Lawsuit To Tear Down Pre-Existing Conditions

Statement from DSCC spokesperson Stewart Boss on the filing deadline for opening petitioner briefs in the Republican-led lawsuit to gut pre-existing conditions coverage and other health care benefits, including maternity care and allowing children to remain on their parents’ insurance until age 26: 

“If this lawsuit is successful, pre-existing conditions protections, maternity care and coverage for millions of Americans – including those who have lost their jobs and health coverage in this crisis – will be gone. Not a single Senate Republican has taken any meaningful steps to stop this lawsuit, and they support efforts to sabotage the health care law Americans rely on. Voters won’t forget that in the middle of an unprecedented public health and economic crisis, Republican Senators continued to attack health care instead of putting their constituents first.”

Even now, in the midst of a public health crisis, not one Republican senator has taken meaningful steps to stop the GOP’s lawsuit to gut the ACA. Here’s what they’ve said:

  • Senator Perdue (GA) said all along that he “of course” wanted the lawsuit to succeed.
  • Senator Loeffler (GA) has said she supports the president’s agenda – which includes this lawsuit – “100%.”
  • Senator McConnell (KY) has led the confirmation of anti-health care judges, including his own political protege Justin Walker, who is “still unhappy” the courts upheld the ACA. 
  • Senator Daines (MT) has dodged questions and “did not directly answer when asked if he supports the lawsuit.”


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