Rick Scott Already Facing “Big Problem” On First Day As NRSC Chair Over Voting To Overturn Election Results

On the first day of his new job as NRSC Chair, Florida Senator Rick Scott was already “facing calls for his resignation” from the new leadership post for voting to object to Pennsylvania’s election results and perpetuating the lies and false conspiracies about election fraud that fueled last week’s mob attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Republicans are expressing “very real concern” and “quiet anger” that Scott’s vote to sabotage the peaceful transfer of power “could hinder” the party’s efforts to win back the Senate in 2022 as “a stream of corporations announced over the past several days that they are distancing themselves from the GOP.” The violent insurrection at the Capitol has prompted a slew of major corporations to halt all campaign donations to any lawmaker who voted against certifying the Electoral College results — a development that could have a “problematic” impact on the NRSC’s fundraising if applied to lawmakers like Scott running campaign committees.

But despite the “big problem” he’s created, Scott — a 2024 presidential hopeful — is still refusing to say President Trump bears responsibility for inciting the riot and is doubling down on his objection vote. Now Scott is facing widespread criticism for his disgraceful actions as the GOP’s anxiety rises and calls for him to quit his role leading the NRSC grow during his first week on the job.

  • McClatchy: Rick Scott’s Electoral College vote could hinder him in new Senate GOP leadership role
  • POLITICO: “National Republican Senatorial Committee Chair Rick Scott (Fla.) is drawing special attention within Capitol Hill and K Street circles, after Scott broke with GOP leadership in objecting to the certification of the Electoral College votes from Pennsylvania. His move has raised concerns among some in the party that it will hamper the NRSC’s fundraising just as the 2022 election cycle is getting started.”
  • POLITICO: “Scott starts NRSC job with a big problem”
  • Orlando Sentinel: Scott takes over GOP Senate fundraising as corporations pull plug on contributions
  • South Florida Sun Sentinel: “Not only that, Scott voted to toss out the certified results after Trump’s mob trashed the Capitol. Anarchy, death and destruction could not make this bitter-ender change his mind.”
  • Maggie Haberman, New York Times: “Very real concern among Rs working on senate races that Rick Scott, who backed the objections to the PA results, won’t now be able to raise money as NRSC chair as companies balk at giving to Rs who took that move”
  • Susan Davis, NPR: “So much focus on Cruz/Hawley, but FL Sen Rick Scott (who also has eyes on 2024) voted to reject Pennsylvania’s results. Lot of quiet anger at him too, he was just tapped to run the 2022 GOP Senate campaign operation”
  • Alex Isenstadt, POLITICO: “This comes amid grumbling from some downtown Rs over Scott’s decision to break with party leadership and vote against certification, something some worry could impact NRSC fundraising”
  • Kasie Hunt, MSNBC: “It’s stunning, right? … Rick Scott votes to overturn the election. And yeah, I think [Republicans] really are concerned about the fundraising situation behind the scenes.”
  • Chuck Todd, MSNBC: “This is the person in charge of the entire Senate Republican arm. I’ve got to think Mitch McConnell must be concerned about this… I don’t know if Rick Scott can — not a single Republican running in ’22… I think a lot of them are going to run away from him.”


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