Scrutiny Grows of Perdue’s Shady Stock Trading, Help for Ultra-Rich Donors

Senator David Perdue Is Facing a Barrage of Brutal Headlines for His Flagrant Self-Dealing and Political Corruption

Senator David Perdue is under growing scrutiny after new reporting from the Daily Beast and ProPublica last week revealed the wealthy former corporate insider was once again “engaged in conspicuously timed trading” of stocks and “privately pushed Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to give wealthy sports owners a lucrative tax break” as they filled his campaign coffers. Now the vulnerable incumbent is facing a barrage of brutal headlines in Georgia and across the country for his pattern of flagrant self-dealing and political corruption as he faces an increasingly competitive runoff.

This is not the first time Perdue has been caught appearing to abuse his office to make shady, well-timed stock trades to line his own pockets or pushing for policy changes to help his biggest special interest campaign donors.

“Senator Perdue is becoming a case study in corrupt D.C. politicians looking out for themselves and their wealthy special interest allies in Washington,” said DSCC spokesperson Helen Kalla. “As he continues to find new ways to abuse his taxpayer-funded office to benefit himself and his ultra-rich friends, Senator Perdue will have to answer to voters across Georgia for his record of working to enrich himself and his corporate cronies at their expense.”

Take a look at the brutal coverage of Perdue’s latest scandals:


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