Seasons of Trump: One Year Later, GOP Senators Now Full Members of the Party of Trump

After Five-Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes of Trump, He’s Only Got More GOP Support


One year ago today, Donald Trump descended his escalator and began ascending his hate-filled path to his party’s nomination. In the past year, he has produced seemingly endless amounts of racist, sexist, xenophobic and all-around offensive attacks on nearly every American. To review:



And that’s just the Readers Digest version.


But what else has Trump accumulated since he famously descended the Trump down escalator? The support of nearly every Republican Senator and Senate candidate. See their statements below, and watch the DSCC’s web video, “Support” here. 


  • Kelly Ayotte: Kelly Ayotte supports Donald Trump as the presumptive GOP nominee, but will not endorse him.
  • Rob Portman: Sen. Portman has said definitively that “I am supporting Donald Trump for President” and even hoped that Trump will “boost” his campaign.
  • Pat Toomey:Toomey has said he would support the Republican nominee, “whoever that is,” and would not rule out campaigning with him in Pennsylvania.
  • Ron Johnson: Johnson had “no problem supporting whoever the Republican Primary voters select as our nominee” and even said he’d stump with Trump, calling itthe “Ronald [and] the Donald” show.
  • Roy Blunt: As his office confirmed: “If Trump is the nominee, Senator Blunt will support him.”
  • Richard Burr: “I look forward to working with Mr. Trump at the top of the ticket.”
  • John McCain: Sen. McCain has reiterated multiple times that he would support whoever the GOP nominee was. “Hello? I said I. Support. The. Nominee!”
  • Joe Heck: “Look, I’ll support whoever the nominee is coming out of the convention.”
  • Chuck Grassley: Grassley “reaffirmed” his support for Donald Trump as the Republican nominee. “Republicans need to unite,” he argued.
  • Todd Young: Young announced that he intended to support the Republican nominee for President.
  • Rand Paul: Sen. Paul declared he would endorse Donald Trump: “I’ve always said I’ll endorse the nominee.”
  • John Boozman: Boozman said he would support Donald Trump in the November election, arguing “it certainly would be a lot better presidency.”


“Oh how do you measure, measure a year? For Donald Trump, it’s with growing GOP Senate support,” said DSCC spokesperson Sam Lau. “Since Donald Trump first entered the presidential race, his campaign has been an endless supply of division, hate, and fear mongering, and yet Senate Republicans have stood with him throughout. Their support of Trump is no mistake—they were fully aware of the many examples of Trump’s racism, xenophobia and misogyny when they decided to step aside and stand with their party’s standard bearer. They have allowed Trump to take over their party, and they are going to have to answer for him for the next 5 months.”


For more on how Trump and the GOP Senate spent the past year together, visit

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