Senate Democrats & President Biden’s American Rescue Plan Has Enabled The U.S. To Administer 200 Million Shots

Today, the United States met President Biden’s ambitious goal of 200 million shots during the first 100 days of his administration –– a major milestone in the U.S.’s efforts to defeat this pandemic and rebuild our economy.

This enormous achievement was made possible because Senate Democrats and the Biden Administration stood up for the American people and passed the American Rescue Plan. 

REMINDER – Every GOP senator is on the record voting against a relief package that has:

  • Delivered $1,400 direct relief checks
  • Ramped up access to vaccines and testing
  • Provided additional local funding to help schools safely reopen
  • Sent critical aid to state and local governments to help keep first responders on the job
  • Extended emergency unemployment insurance
  • Boosted critical small business assistance


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Republicans are trying to suppress our right to vote. They can’t spin that.

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