Senate Republicans Block Key Documents From Subpoena

Statement from DSCC spokesperson Lauren Passalacqua on Senate Republicans voting down an amendment to subpoena key documents: 

“Senate Republicans just voted to block key White House documents from subpoena as they continue to move forward without any commitment to hear from witnesses or admit all relevant evidence. Instead of working to secure a fair hearing and find the facts, Republican Senators are choosing to put their party before their country and ignore the rule of law. No amount of dodging or equivocating or petty insults will prevent voters from holding incumbents like Cory Gardner, Susan Collins, Martha McSally, and Thom Tillis accountable for failing to seek the truth.”

McConnell has vowed to take his cues from the White House and “let Trump’s lawyers dictate Trump’s impeachment trial.” But recent polling confirms that “most voters want more impeachment witnesses” — including many Republicans and independent voters in key Senate battleground states. In Arizona, Colorado, Maine, and North Carolina, three in four independent voters say that Senators should demand key witnesses and relevant documents as a part of a trial and 63% of voters would view Senators McSally, Gardner, Collins, and Tillis unfavorably if they voted against calling witnesses and subpoenaing documents.


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