Sunday Reading: Newspapers Across Country Endorse Democratic Senate Candidates

Newspapers across the country backed Democratic Senate candidates, adding to the growing list of endorsements they have earned. Many cited protecting affordable health care and safeguarding protections for pre-existing conditions as key issues where Democrats are standing with their constituents. Take a look:

AZ: ARIZONA DAILY STAR: “Kyrsten Sinema’s Arizona is more pragmatic than ideological, unafraid to change, concerned about health-care affordability and access, values veterans, supports local law enforcement assisting federal immigration authorities and is inclined to work together rather than draw battle lines.”

IN: SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE: “Joe Donnelly doesn’t just talk the talk. He backs it up. The Democrat running for re-election to the U.S. Senate is still the type of politician this country needs in Washington… When it comes to health care — which has emerged as a top issue, if not the No. 1 issue, this election year — we believe Donnelly has taken the right stand.”

IN: THE JOURNAL GAZETTE:  “America needs more senators like Joe Donnelly. Indiana needs to re-elect him.”

MO: COLUMBIA TRIBUNE: “McCaskill also has done much for everyday Missourians…We hope the Show-Me State sees through the smoke and mirrors and selects the candidate who has shown, time and again, they are more than a partisan puppet. That candidate is Claire McCaskill.”

MO: HERALD WHIG: “McCaskill has made health care one of her central campaign issues. She disagrees with Hawley’s decision to join 19 other state attorney generals in a lawsuit that seeks to overturn the Affordable Care Act, including popular insurance protections for people with pre-existing medical conditions… Missouri needs a strong, experienced, independent voice in the U.S. Senate, which we believe Claire McCaskill will continue to provide.”

MO: THE JOPLIN GLOBE: “If you are voting for a candidate who can do best by the entire state, then we recommend voting for McCaskill.”

MT: MISSOULIAN: “Tester is the kind of senator who has shown, repeatedly, that he puts Montana first, and that he represents all Montanans, not just Democrats and not just campaign supporters. His loyalty to this state comes before any particular politician or political party.”

ND: BISMARCK TRIBUNE: “No credible argument can be made that standing with the president on health care is good for North Dakota… Heitkamp’s a tireless worker and for the last six years she’s toiled in the Senate trenches building coalitions and getting legislation passed…Her list of accomplishments over the last six years is impressive.”

OH: TOLEDO BLADE: “Sherrod Brown stands for the forgotten worker and for saving and creating American manufacturing jobs, and he has consistently stood for them over many years. He walks the walk.”

PA: PITTSBURGH POST GAZETTE: “Mr. Casey is the right choice and should be returned to the Senate….it is senators like Mr. Casey who keep the Senate going by creating a trans-partisan undercurrent.”

PA: ERIE TIMES-NEWS: “We renew that support…and also endorse his candidacy for another quality we find vital at this extraordinary political moment. That is, Casey’s defense of core American values, especially the United States as a nation of immigrants and the rule of law.”

VA: RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH: “The senator is a natural-born legislator who seems to revel in the essential details of public policy creation. He is conversant in the art of the pretty good deal…We are happy to endorse his re-election. He has earned the trust of his constituents.”

TX: FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM: “…only O’Rourke seems interested in making deals or finding middle ground. That is why the El Paso Democrat would make the best senator for Tarrant County’s future, and the future of Texas.”

WV: CHARLESTON GAZETTE-MAIL: “Joe Manchin is not shy of people or tough decisions. He loves West Virginia. It shows, and the people would be well represented if they return him to the U.S. Senate.”

WV: THE WEIRTON DAILY TIMES: “Manchin’s seniority and ability to build coalitions among moderate Democrats and Republicans are the kind of leadership we need in the Senate. Manchin represents his fellow Mountain State residents — regardless of what anyone, Democrat or Republican, in Washington demands.”





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