Thanks To Democrats’ American Rescue Plan, Jobless Claims Continue To Drop

For the sixth straight week U.S. unemployment claims fell, hitting “the lowest level since March 14, 2020.” The steady decline in jobless claims is the latest sign that the U.S. jobs market continues to improve. 

Thanks to the rollout of vaccines –– made possible by Senate Democrats and President Biden’s American Rescue Plan –– “businesses are reopening rapidly” and the economy shows signs of recovery. Just last week, the unemployment rate fell to a new pandemic low, giving “reason for optimism.”

Reminder: every single Republican Senator is on the record voting against a plan that:

  • Delivered $1,400 direct relief checks
  • Ramped up access to vaccines and testing
  • Provided additional local funding to help schools safely reopen
  • Sent critical aid to state and local governments to help keep first responders on the job
  • Extended emergency unemployment insurance
  • Boosted critical small business assistance


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