Thom Tillis’ Terrible June

The “Epitome of A Weather Vane” Gets Caught Copying Strategy Memo From Failed Gubernatorial Race, Prominently Features Man at Center of Racial Bias Suit in Ad, Called Out for Hiking Taxes on Mobile Home Buyers 

It’s been a rough month for vulnerable incumbent Senator Thom Tillis, whose weak and hypocritical record was in the spotlight throughout June. 

First, Tillis earned himself a scathing editorial from the Charlotte Observer and Raleigh News & Observer for refusing to hold the Trump Administration accountable for tear gassing peaceful protestors for a publicity stunt. Then, a blistering Daily Beast column eviscerated Tillis for trying to reinvent himself in a desperate attempt to save his struggling re-election campaign and becoming the “epitome of a weather vane.” That same day, a Daily Beast report revealed that a top Tillis campaign aide literally lifted another candidate’s general election strategy memo, having “copied large portions” from a similar political document from Ed Gillespie’s failed 2017 campaign for governor in Virginia.

The hits just kept coming for Tillis, who was then caught prominently featuring a man who owned a restaurant at the center of a federal racial bias lawsuit in a campaign TV ad. The latest stumble for the vulnerable incumbent came in a new HuffPost report today revealing that while Tillis may tout his roots growing up in a trailer park in his campaign ads, Tillis actually hiked taxes on mobile home buyers as Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives. Adding to today’s list of tough reports is one from McClatchy that highlights Tillis’ opposition to the Affordable Care Act and his toxic record blocking and attacking Medicaid expansion in Raleigh and in Washington.   

And it wasn’t just the terrible press coverage. Four new polls conducted in June found Democratic challenger and decorated Army veteran Cal Cunningham ahead of Senator Tillis.

Check out some of the scathing headlines Tillis faced in June: 


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