UPDATE: How Vulnerable Senate Republicans Are Responding (Or Not) to Their Party’s Uncompromising Anti-Choice Laws

GOP senators stacked the courts with anti-choice ideologues and set these attacks on women’s health and rights in motion – now facing an election, they’re “running away” from these rigid state laws

With new reports today on how Senate Republicans are “running away” from their party’s uncompromising anti-choice laws that ban abortion – even in cases of rape and incest – here’s an updated look at where vulnerable incumbents stand: 

Strategy #1: Duck & Dodge

Strategy #2: Stay Silent

  • Joni Ernst has said still nothing
  • David Perdue has still said nothing
  • John Cornyn has still said nothing

Strategy #3: Pretend You Had Nothing to Do with It

  • Susan Collins has claimed to be pro-choice as a part of her once-moderate persona but has repeatedly voted to stack the courts with anti-choice judges like Brett Kavanaugh

GOP state lawmakers have said their legislation is specifically designed to use the Republican-stacked federal judiciary to overturn Roe v. Wade.

As one Colorado newspaper’s editorial board pointed out this week: Cory Gardner “dishonestly tried to assure Colorado voters in 2014 that, if elected, he would not permit erosion of women’s reproductive rights… In reality, he has since voted to approve the nominations of justices who were chosen by President Donald Trump in part because of their likelihood to reverse or debilitate Roe v. Wade.”

Here’s a look at reporting from across the country:


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