VOTE ALERT: Johnson, Rubio Side With China Over American Workers

Republicans Voted Against Bipartisan Act That Would Crack Down On Chinese Exploitation, And Invest in American Jobs and Manufacturing

Senate Republicans — including Senators Johnson and Rubio — voted against the passage of the bipartisan U.S. Innovation and Competition Act, siding with China over hard-working Americans. The U.S. Innovation and Competition Act seeks to hold China accountable, boost U.S manufacturing and innovation, and prepare American workers for 21st century jobs. 

“Given a choice between supporting investments in American jobs and innovation or allowing U.S. companies and workers to fall behind China, Senate Republicans like Ron Johnson and Marco Rubio made it clear that they stand with China,” said Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesperson David Bergstein. “Voters will hold Republicans accountable for their vote to protect China at American workers’ expense.”

The U.S. Innovation and Competition Act is a “once-in-a-generation investment” that will help level the playing field for American companies and workers and protect America’s global leadership and national security in the 21st century.


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This plan will help hardworking Americans. It’s time for Senate Republicans to get on board.

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