Vulnerable Republicans Face Devastating Coverage & Scathing Criticism Back Home for Refusing to Uphold Rule of Law

Portland Press Herald Editorial Board: “Collins will have to answer for every future act of the president that she has voted to enable”

9News’ Kyle Clark: “The whole impeachment has come and gone without Senator Cory Gardner having the basic courage to directly answer that question” of whether Trump’s conduct was wrong

One day later, the reviews are in on Republican Senators’ decision to put party over country and refuse to uphold the rule of law. Senators of both parties said yesterday that President Trump is guilty of abusing the power of his office — but after following Mitch McConnell and repeatedly voting against witnesses and evidence, the vulnerable Republican incumbents on the ballot in 2020 proved once again that they do not have the moral courage to stand up for what’s right. 

Now, GOP senators are facing devastating coverage and scathing criticism back home:

AZ – Arizona Republic’s Laurie RobertsSen. Martha McSally morphs from ‘no quid pro quo’ to no harm no foul in Trump impeachment

CO – 9News’ Kyle Clark“The whole impeachment has come and gone without Senator Cory Gardner having the basic courage to directly answer that question” of whether Trump’s conduct was wrong

CO – KDVR“In October, St. George asked Gardner if it was appropriate for the president of the U.S. to ask a foreign leader to investigate a political rival. St. George asked for a “yes or no” answer. The video quickly went viral with Gardner dodging the question. Gardner again dodged the question Wednesday.”

GA – Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionGeorgia senators acquit Trump; opponents say votes will follow them

IA – Storm Lake Times Editorial Board“Sen. Joni Ernst discredits the Senate, Iowa and herself through her active participation in President Trump’s attempted cover-up… She looks like a fool… Ernst participated in a cover-up and is spreading lies that already have been shown to be false. She refused to let Iowans hear from important witnesses such as Bolton. Voters want the full story. They expect their senators to seek the truth, and not spread lies. They expect their senators to uphold their Constitutional oversight authority and not to kneel before a bloated monarch. Joni Ernst does not respect or deserve the office. She has proven it in the last week.”

ME – Portland Press Herald Editorial BoardOur View: Collins, Republicans vote to enable Trump — “Collins will have to answer for every future act of the president that she has voted to enable”

ME – Bangor Daily NewsSusan Collins walks back remark that Trump learned from impeachment, saying it was ‘aspirational’

ME – WMTWCollins defends not guilty impeachment vote of President Trump

NBC News First Read: “While Romney was the only Republican senator who voted to convict President Trump in his impeachment trial, he wasn’t some random GOP senator – he was the party’s last presidential nominee. If Democrats were only going to get one GOP vote, he was one to get… it puts pressure on moderate and at-risk GOP senators – like Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Cory Gardner and Martha McSally – to explain why they didn’t see the same simple facts above that Romney saw.”

Roll Call“And the trial forced vulnerable Republican senators — such as Cory Gardner of Colorado, Susan Collins of Maine, Thom Tillis of North Carolina, Joni Ernst of Iowa and Martha McSally of Arizona — to go on record with Trump-backing votes that could be used against them in their reelection campaigns through November.”

New York Times’ Gail CollinsThink Trump’s Learned a Lesson? Hahahaha — “… for the worst impeachment moment, I’m going with Susan Collins. The idea that Donald Trump had learned any lesson is ridiculous.”

Read more of what Republicans have been reading about their support for a sham trial:

  • AZ – Arizona Republic: Sen. Martha McSally has political ties to John Bolton. But does she want him to testify? — “Through a spokeswoman, McSally declined to say whether she wants to hear from Bolton.”
  • AZ – Arizona Republic (Laurie Roberts): “Just 13 days ago, McSally raised her right hand and took an oath to uphold ‘impartial justice.’ Apparently, while we were looking at her right hand, the fingers on her left hand were crossed.”
  • CO – Denver Post: Cory Gardner noncommittal on subpoenaing John Bolton in impeachment trial
  • CO – 9News: We caught up with Sen. Gardner at the airport to ask if he supports new witnesses in impeachment trial
  • CO – Aurora Sentinel Editorial: “This is Gardner’s final opportunity to show his constituents in Colorado that he is willing and able to put the interests of the nation above those of Trump… He has greatly disappointed all of Colorado when pressed to this test in the past.”
  • CO – Denver Post Editorial: “If ever there was a time for Gardner to forsake Trump loyalists and special interests, this is the moment. He should remember that his power actually flows from the voters of Colorado who elevated him to this high office.”
  • CO – New York Times (Opinion): Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Invisible)
  • ME – Vox: Susan Collins’s rationale for acquitting Trump aged poorly before she could even cast her vote
  • ME – Portland Press Herald Editorial: Our View: Sen. Susan Collins should demand to see all the evidence – “Her current position is troubling… That sounds like the justification of a cover-up.”
  • ME – Portland Press Herald – Editorial Page Editor: “Collins was given the chance to demand to see all the evidence and instead voted to stick with the outward appearance of the last impeachment trial.”
  • ME – Bangor Daily News (Opinion): Collins is no independent on impeachment
  • ME – MSNBC: ‘Susan tries to play both sides’: Maine voters weigh in on Sen. Collins, impeachment
  • GA – Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Loeffler lashes out at ‘friend’ Mitt Romney over impeachment witnesses
  • IA – Des Moines Register Editorial: Ernst, Grassley should support calling witnesses in impeachment trial; Ernst’s comments betray a closed mind
  • IA – Cedar Rapids Gazette Editorial: “Senators are supposed to be serving as impartial jurors in this impeachment trial and it’s clear, Ernst is not taking her constitutional duty seriously.”
  • NC – Charlotte Observer / Raleigh News & Observer Editorial: The pathetic impeachment pandering of North Carolina’s senators – “Allowing no daylight between his positions and Trump’s is Tillis’ only calculation, his only concern and his only ambition.”
  • NC – WRAL Editorial: Burr and Tillis disappoint – “Tillis seems to forget that Trump stopped witnesses and documents in the House proceedings… Burr and Tillis have violated their oaths. This is a trial without evidence.”
  • TX – Dallas Morning News Editorial: If there is to be closure on impeachment, the Senate needs to call witnesses
  • TX – Houston Chronicle Editorial: You call this a trial? Call the witnesses.


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