Will Mark Kirk Return Denny Hastert’s Scandalized Money?

Kirk Accepted $10,000 From Hastert

As the scandal surrounding Former House Speaker and Illinois Congressman Denny Hastert cracks open, a major question still remains: Will vulnerable Republican Senator Mark Kirk return the campaign contributions he received from Hastert?

“Mark Kirk should return or donate Denny Hastert’s money immediately,” said Sadie Weiner, DSCC National Press Secretary. “Kirk has taken $10,000 from Denny Hastert who is just the latest Republican Speaker of the House to face serious charges about corruption and misconduct, and until Kirk returns the funds he is giving his tacit approval to these bad actions.”


In 2010, Kirk Received $10,000 From Dennis Hastert. In 2010, Kirk accepted $10,000 from Keep Our Mission PAC, Dennis Hastert’s leadership PAC. [Keep Our Mission PAC,, 2010]

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