70 Days, Over 100 Bad Stories About Scott

To mark the 70th day of Rick Scott’s Senate campaign, here’s a look back at over 100 scathing stories he’s suffered since his announcement. His cronyism and corruption, offensive comments about Puerto Rico and health care agenda that spikes costs and slashes coverage have all dominated the race. With a record like this it’s no wonder Scott couldn’t win by more than 1 point in historic GOP wave elections and spent more money to get fewer votes than any other Republican. See for yourself:

Tampa Bay Times: Ruth: Scott, ‘The Outsider’ Who Has Been Governor For Eight Years Doth Protest Too Much (4.9.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Federal Complaint Alleges Rick Scott’s PAC Illegally Skirted Fundraising Restrictions (4.10.18)
Sun Sentinel: Florida Gov. Rick Scott Cites The Wrong Reason Why Washington Doesn’t Work | Randy Schultz (4.10.18)
Daytona News-Journal: FEC Complaint Vs. Rick Scott Also Names Mori Hosseini (4.10.18)
Miami Herald: Three More South Florida Cities Sue Gov. Scott Over Ban On Local Gun Laws (4.10.18)
Huffington Post: Rick Scott’s Early Gift From Trump Team May Create More Problems Than It’s Worth
Tampa Bay Times: St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman Joins Cities Suing Rick Scott Over Gun Regulations (4.11.18)
News Journal: Joe Henderson: Florida Has Heard This Before From Rick Scott (4.11.18)
ABC Action News: St. Petersburg Mayor Joins Lawsuit Against Gov. Scott Over Gun Regulations Law
Florida Politics: Adam Putnam Keeps Dumping On Rick Scott’s Legacy (4.12.18)
Salon:  Florida Gov. Rick Scott, Now A Senate Candidate, Accused Of Flouting Campaign Finance Law (4.13.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Gov. Scott To Skip Trump Tax Event In Miami; Scott Will Be At Fundraising Events Out Of State(4.14.18)
Record Editorial: Gov. Scott’s Per-Pupil Spending Increases Wouldn’t Cover A Pack Of Gum (4.15.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Kids Are Suing Gov. Rick Scott To Force Florida To Take Action On Climate Change (4.16.18)
Sun Sentinel:  Gov. Rick Scott Should Listen To Students On Climate Change | Editorial (4.16.18)
Tampa Bay Times:  Rick Scott, Cabinet Seek To Delay Court Order On Felons’ Voting Rights (4.16.18)
Orlando Weekly: Kids Are Suing Florida Gov. Rick Scott To Force Action On Climate Change (4.16.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Democrats Beef Up Elections Complaint Against Rick Scott (4.17.18)
Florida Politics: Rick Scott Says Only ‘Career Politicians’ Are Concerned With His Blind Trust (4.18.18)
Teen Vogue: Florida Governor Rick Scott Is Getting Sued By Teens For His Environmental Polices (4.18.18)
Miami Herald: Rick Scott Has Made Enemies Over Voting Rights — Now It’s An Issue In His Senate Race (4.18.18)
Map Light: Rick Scott Super PAC Received Donations From Firms With Florida Pension Business (4.19.18)
Florida Politics Headline: The Paradox: Rick Scott Talks Outsider, Plays Insider Game. (4.19.18)
Orlando Weekly: Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s Healthcare Math Doesn’t Add Up (4.19.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott’s Medicaid Numbers Come Under Fire (4.19.18)
Florida Politics: Email Insights: Rick Scott’s FRS Actions ‘Unethical And Outright Illegal’ (4.20.18)
First Coast News: VERIFY: Can Gov. Scott Deliver On His Campaign Promise To End Term Limits? (4.23.18)
Orlando Weekly: Florida Gov. Rick Scott Will Headline A Gun Raffle Next Month (4.24.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott Seeks Extension To Disclose Personal Finances (4.25.18)
Tallahassee Democrat: As Battle For Control Of The U.S. Senate Heats Up, Activists Assail…Scott (4.26.18)
The Gainesville Sun Editorial Board Headline: Term Limits Talk Is A Curious Aspect Of Scott Campaign (4.26.18)
Miami Herald’s Hiaasen: Scott’s Ad On Term Limits “Calculated Nonsense’ (4.27.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Once Eager To Tout Trump Friendship, Rick Scott Now Plays It Down (4.27.18)
Miami Herald: Scott’s Already Lost In The Weeds — Of West Virginia (4.27.18)
News Service Of Florida: Report Raises Questions About Job Growth In Florida (4.27.18)
Bay News 9: Critics Accuse Gov. Scott Of ‘Pay-To-Play Politics’ Over State Pension Fund (4.28.18)
Sun Sentinel: Term Limits For Congress? Voters Already Have That Power | Opinion (5.1.18)
Miami Herald : Is He An Outsider Or An Insider? Rick Scott’s Message Clashes With Florida Reality. (5.1.18)
Politifact Florida: Gov. Rick Scott Attack Mischaracterizes Vote Sen. Bill Nelson Took In 2015 (5.4.18)
Miami Herald: Need A Stable And High-Paying State Job? Rick Scott Loyalists Have The Inside Track (5.8.18)
Gatehouse: At Height Of Opioid Crisis, Some Florida Treatment Programs Face Deep Cuts (5.8.18)
Florida Politics: Sarasota Democrat Files Election Law Complaint Against Rick Scott (5.8.18)
Sarasota Herald Tribune: Sarasota Democrat Files Election Complaint Against Rick Scott (5.8.18)
WPTV: Report: State Agency In Florida Clearing Out Jobs For Gov. Rick Scott Employees (5.9.18)
Naples Daily: Feds: FL Inspectors Didn’t Ensure Hundreds Of Problems At Nursing Homes Corrected (5.9.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott Converts Travel Aide ‘Body Man’ To Campaign Job (5.9.18)
Sun-Sentinel: Backlog That Could Allow Mentally Ill Floridians To Buy Guns Emerges As Senate Campaign Issue (5.10.18)
Miami Herald: While Gov. Scott Focuses On His Senate Campaign, How Well Is Florida Working? (5.11.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Here Are The Resumes Of The Current And Former Division Head At Dept. Of Revenue (5.11.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Editorial: Scott Sinks To New Low On Cronyism At Revenue Department (5.11.18)
Politico Florida: Top DEM Hire Has No Disaster Management Experience But Has Ties To Scott (5.11.18)
Miami Herald: Editorial Why Do We Believe Hurricane Science, But Ignore The Facts About Rising Seas? (5.12.18)
Orlando Sentinel: Bill Nelson Hits Rick Scott For Israel Trip As Potential Storm Threatens Florida (5.14.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Far From Florida As Storm Brews, Gov. Rick Scott Draws A Hit From Bill Nelson (5.14.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Romano: Hey Gov. Scott, Could You Hire Me, Too? (5.14.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Nelson Files Financial Disclosure As Scott Waits Until Late July (5.15.18)
Tampa Bay Times Ruth: Don’t Run Government Like Rick Scott Ran His Business (5.16.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Nelson Sees Campaign Issue With Scott Over ‘Net Neutrality’ (5.17.18)
Tallahassee Democrat: State Worker Unions Look Forward To Future, Say Governor Rick Scott Has Been A ‘Bad Boss’(5.18.18)
News Service Of Florida: Florida Unions Welcome Change, Say Gov. Rick Scott Has Been A ‘Bad Boss’ (5.19.18)
Pensacola News Journal Editorial: Gov. Scott’s Cronyism Shows Lack Of Conservative Values (5.19.18)
Tampa Bay Times: $385 Million Is What It Costs Florida Every Year To Deny Civil Rights For Non-Violent Felons, Report Says(5.21.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Drug And Alcohol Advocates To Rick Scott: ‘We Have Yet To Hear’ From You (5.21.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Florida’s Early Voting Ban On Campus Challenged In Court (5.22.18)
Florida Politics: Bill Nelson Blasts Government Of Florida For Not Expanding Medicaid (5.22.18)
Politico: With Scott On Defense, Reports Show Florida Woes For Not Expanding Medicaid (5.22.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott, GOP House Leaders Cut Drug Programs, Slashing Hundreds Of Jobs (5.25.18)
Politico: As Scott Hammers Venezuela, His Campaign Takes Contribution From Biggest Buyer Of Its Oil (5.25.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Nelson Challenges Scott To Support Anti-Drilling Legislation (5.25.18)
Miami Herald: How Does An Inexperienced 30-Year-Old Become Hurricane Chief? Win Rick Scott’s Trust. (5.25.18)
Miami Herald: Florida’s Slashed Drug Programs Will Result In Hundreds Of Layoffs (5.25.18)
Orlando Sentinel: Rick Scott Seeks Hispanic Votes As Trump Blasts Immigration (5.29.18)
Miami Herald: Memo To Gov. Rick Scott: A Real Floridian Doesn’t Get Hysterical Over Rain And Squalls (5.29.18)
Sun Sentinel:  Florida Is Sicker Because Of Gov Rick Scott’s Partisanship (5.29.18)
Florida Politics: Bill Nelson Says Rick Scott To Blame For ‘Florida Health Care Crisis’ (5.29.18)
Palm Beach Post: Dem Chris King Rips Rick Scott, NRA; Touts Gun Control In New TV Ad (5.30.18)
Politico: Beruff, Jordan Give Big Boost To Scott-Aligned Committee (5.30.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott: ‘I Don’t Know What I Would Do Differently’ In Puerto Rico (5.31.18)
Orlando Sentinel: Rick Scott: ‘I Don’t Know What I’d Do Differently’ Than Federal Government In Puerto Rico (5.31.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott’s Outsider Image As Senate Candidate Clashes With Florida Reality (6.1.18)
Tampa Bay Times: It’s Harder To Be Low-Income In Florida Compared To Most States (6.5.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Battle Rages Between Rick Scott, John Morgan Over Smokable Medical Marijuana (6.2.18)
Sun Sentinel: Despite Nursing Home Deaths, 84 Percent Of South Florida Facilities Not Prepared For Hurricane Season(6.2.18)
Politico: Scott’s Ties To Trump Present Predicament For Senate Run (6.5.18)
Orlando Weekly:  ​Florida Is One Of The Worst Places To Live If You’re Poor, Says Study (6.5.18)
USA Today: Gov. Rick Scott Woos Puerto Rico But Dividends Elusive (6.5.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Scott Implores Nelson To Get To Work — Then Leaves Florida For Fundraising (6.6.18)
News Service Of Florida: Rick Scott’s Financial Disclosure Fight To Go Before Court (6.6.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Another Day, Another Delay For Smoking Medical Marijuana (6.7.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Timing Of Rick Scott’s Latest Puerto Rico Announcement Raises (6.7.18)
Palm Beach Post: Lucrative Florida Prison Health Care Contract Under Increasing Scrutiny (6.8.18)
The Blaze: FL-Sen: Major Democratic Donor Drags Rick Scott To Court One Month Before Primary Election (6.8.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott Talks Irma Aid For Keys As Democrats Fault Him On Climate Change (6.9.18)
Miami Herald: Is Gov. Scott’s Affordable-Housing Proposal For The Keys A Fix Or A Problem? (6.11.18)
Politico: Scott Mum On Trump’s Attack On Pre-Existing Condition Provision (6.11.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Report: Rick Scott ‘Rookie Mistake’ Cost Taxpayers Tens Of Millions (6.12.18)
CBS Miami: Exclusive: Rick Scott’s ‘Rookie Mistake’ May Have Cost Taxpayers Millions (6.12.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Critics Question Rick Scott’s Record On LGBTQ Issues On Second Anniversary Of Pulse Shooting(6.12.18)
Orlando Weekly: Two Years Later, Florida Gov. Rick Scott Finally Wears A Pulse Ribbon (6.12.18)
CBS Miami: Governor On Costly Debris Contracts: ‘I Would Do The Same Thing Again’ (6.13.18)
Florida Watchdog: Scott Launches Senate Campaign Blitz To Set Agenda Before Finance Issues Become The Issue(6.13.18)
Florida Politics: Rick Scott Talks Pot, Donald Trump (6.13.18)
Orlando Weekly: Gov. Rick Scott Won’t Talk About Florida’s Part In Obamacare Lawsuit (6.13.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott Says Bill Nelson Has Been Around Too Long. What About Mitch Mcconnell? (6.14.18)
Tampa Bay Times:  Should The Public Have Confidence In Department Of Revenue? Governor And Cabinet Won’t Say(6.14.18)
The Hill: Dems Seek To Leverage Obamacare Fight For Midterms (6.14.18)
WJHG: Democrats Pushing Medicaid Expansion As Key Issue In 2018 Election (6.14.19)
CBS Miami: Broward Teachers Ask Gov. Scott To Stop Investing Pension Funds Into Gun Manufacturing (6.14.18)
Tampa Bay Times: Pre-Existing Conditions Latest Flashpoint In Nelson-Scott Battle (6.14.18)
New York Times: G.O.P. To Americans With Health Problems: Drop Dead (6.14.18)
Think Progress: This Is How Florida Makes It Nearly Impossible For Ex-Felons To Get Their Voting Rights Restored(6.15.18)
Politifact: Republican PAC Misleads In Ad About Sen. Bill Nelson’s Record On Social Security, Medicare (6.15.18)
WUSF: Broward Teachers: Divest Our Pensions From Gun Makers (6.15.18)
The Capitolist: Pro-Bill Nelson Super PAC Raises Questions About Whether Rick Scott Can Be Trusted In Latest TV Spot(6.15.18)
Orlando Sentinel: Scott walks fine line on Trump as he runs for Senate (6.15.18)


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