Barletta Supports Lawsuit Against Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage

Oral arguments in lawsuit that could strip pre-existing conditions coverage for 5 million Pennsylvanians begin today

Oral arguments in the GOP lawsuit to strip coverage for pre-existing conditions coverage from 5 million Pennsylvanians begin today and Congressman Lou Barletta is on the record supporting it. The lawsuit would make the health care law’s individual mandate unconstitutional, axing protections for pre-existing conditions coverage and sending health care costs skyrocketing.

Barletta not only supports the lawsuit, but has voted over 20 times to repeal protections for pre-existing conditions coverage.

In June, the Justice Department decided it would not defend the health care law against a lawsuit by Republican attorneys general intended to sabotage health care for Americans. Now, nearly three months later as their lawsuit is being heard by a federal judge, Senate Republican candidates like Barletta are scrambling to rewrite their history as they face a backlash from voters.

“By backing this lawsuit, Congressman Barletta is sending a clear message that he does not want to protect coverage for pre-existing conditions and cannot be trusted to stand up for Pennsylvanians,” said Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman David Bergstein. “Health care is the top issue for voters and they want a senator who will put their interests first – by backing a toxic agenda that raises costs and cuts coverage, Barletta has failed that test.”


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