Braun Still Wants To Use Courts To Slash Coverage For Pre-Existing Conditions

Roughly one month ago, on June 7, Republicans announced they would use the court system in their ongoing efforts  to spike health care costs and slash coverage — but former State Representative Mike Braun is still backing the GOP’s lawsuit making coverage for pre-existing conditions unconstitutional.

To mark this anniversary, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman David Bergstein released the following statement:

“Republicans like former State Representative Mike Braun will use every tool they have — from the Senate to the courts — in order to increase health care costs for hard working Hoosiers and threaten critical coverage for pre-existing conditions. For one month voters of every political persuasion have spoken out against the GOP’s efforts to make coverage for pre-existing conditions unconstitutional, but all Braun cares about is advancing his own self-serving political agenda.”


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