DSCC Statement on Today’s House Vote To Reopen Government Service

Senate GOP refuses to open HUD, Transportation, Agriculture, Rural Development and the Food and Drug Administration  

In response to the House vote to end the GOP’s shutdown of the Departments of Transportation, Agriculture — including USDA Rural Development — and HUD and the Food and Drug Administration, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman David Bergstein released the following statement:

“Democrats in the House are voting to end the GOP’s pointless and damaging government shutdown — the bipartisan legislation passed today helps Americans buy homes, fix our roads, supports rural families and makes sure we don’t all get food poisoning. Every day that Senate Republicans refuse to take up these bills they move vulnerable GOP incumbents in Arizona, North Carolina and across the country closer to defeat in 2020.”

CNBC Headline: Prospective Homebuyers Derailed By The Government Shutdown. [CNBC, 1/9/19]

Washington Post Headline: Highway And Transit Projects Grind To A Halt As The Shutdown Continues.[Washington Post, 1/8/19]

Reuters Headline: “As Loans And Aid Dry Up, U.S. Farmers Face Fresh Challenge From Shutdown.”[Reuters, 1/3/19]

KXAN Headline: “Government Shutdown Halts USDA Loans, Dashes Hopes For Homeownership.” [KXAN,1/7/19]

Business Insider Headline: A Massive Amount Of American Food Safety Inspections Aren’t Happening Due To The Government Shutdown, And It Could Mean More Food-Poisoning Outbreaks. [Business Insider, 1/9/19]



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