DSCC Statement on Wisconsin Senate GOP Primary

Republicans created a “nasty,” vicious,” “expensive,” “GOP Civil War”

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman David Bergstein issued the following statement on the Wisconsin Republican Senate primary:

“Leah Vukmir never misses an opportunity to sell out Wisconsin’s working families for her corporate backers. Vukmir’s plan will spike health care costs, slash coverage for pre-existing conditions and cut Medicare and Social Security — all so she can give her campaign contributors more taxpayer-funded handouts. The nasty, expensive GOP primary she waged will continue to hamstring her, but ultimately her dangerous and self-serving politics are why she will lose this election.”

What to Know About Leah Vukmir

Vukmir Was Chairwoman Of ALEC, Serves On Their National Board Of Directors And Was Caught Receiving Legislative Instructions And Talking Points From Them. “In one email, Christie Herrera, vice president of policy for the Florida-based Foundation for Government Accountability, a conservative think tank with a registered lobbyist, wrote to Vukmir and three other legislators from other states thanking them for sponsoring a resolution opposing the expansion of state Medicaid programs under the Affordable Care Act and coaching them on what to say. ‘Each of you will need to introduce the bill,’ Herrera wrote. ‘As such I have written opening remarks that are also attached to this e-mail. ALEC had a (ridiculous) concern that the task force debate would be ‘one-sided,’ so I have focused each of your remarks on addressing at least one pro-expansion talking point.’”   [The Chippewa Herald, 4/4/14]

  • HEADLINE: “Documents Show Lobbying Group Pulling Legislators’ Strings.” [The Post-Crescent, 4/4/14]

Republican Capitol Staffer: “Many Republican Staffers Believe That She Is So Extreme And Heartless That She Is Dangerous.” “Judy Hartig-Osanka, a Republican and former chair of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, has a warning for residents of the 5th Senate District. ‘I cannot believe that Republicans in her district, if they know what she believes in, would support her,’ Hartig-Osanka said. Also, a Republican Capitol staffer who can’t go on record said, ‘Many Republican staffers believe that she is so extreme and heartless that she is dangerous.’[Shepherd Express, 9/29/10]

Vukmir supports the GOP’s health care agenda that would spike premiums, slash coverage for pre-existing conditions and impose an age tax on older Americans. [Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 7/25/17]

Cap Times HEADLINE: Leah Vukmir signals support for federal entitlement cuts championed by Paul RyanState Sen. Leah Vukmir, R-Brookfield, signaled her support on Tuesday for potential cuts to federal entitlement spending.” [The Cap Times, 12/22/17]


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