DSCC Targets Cornyn with New Digital Ad on Health Care Lawsuit

Ads highlight one year since Republicans argued in federal court that “protections for pre-existing conditions should be ruled unconstitutional

Cornyn earned the name “repeal’s top salesman”

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is launching a new digital ad today highlighting Senator John Cornyn’s refusal to stand up to the GOP’s toxic lawsuit to gut pre-existing conditions coverage and other protections, including maternity care and keeping kids on their parents’ insurance until age 26.

When it comes to gutting health care protections for Texans, Cornyn’s known as “repeal’s top salesman.” And apparently he’s sold on this lawsuit.

“It’s hard to see how Cornyn’s going to be able to sell Texans on this lawsuit that only stands to hurt them — from those with pre-existing conditions to families already worrying about the cost of care,” said DSCC spokesman Stewart Boss. “After voting again and again to dismantle health care protections for Texans and helping pass the reckless tax law that made this suit possible in the first place, Cornyn has made it clear that Texans can’t afford his dangerous health care agenda.”  


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