Even Gardner Knows Voting with Trump 99% of the Time Makes Him Vulnerable

POLITICO: Gardner is “campaigning in a manner that makes Trump seem almost like an afterthought… He rarely mentions the president… he all but avoided Trump”

In a new story from POLITICO, Republican Senator Cory Gardner is seen repeatedly trying to avoid talking on the campaign trail about the Republican he’ll be on the ballot with next November: President Donald Trump. While Trump is indeed toxic in Colorado, Gardner’s evasiveness is notable, considering he’s proudly endorsed the president’s re-election,promised to campaign alongside him in 2020, and voted with him 99 percent of the time in the past.

Recent polling found that Gardner “is the least popular Republican with his home base” of all Senators running for re-election next year, so the political gymnastics don’t seem to be working.

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman Stewart Boss issued the following statement:

“Senator Gardner is doing exactly what you’d expect from a typical politician: doing one thing in Washington but saying another to his constituents. Gardner voted 99 percent of the time with President Trump and already endorsed his re-election – not only is avoiding Trump disingenuous, it also won’t work.”


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