Georgia “Jolts Battle for the Senate” & Puts Republicans on Defense in Emerging Battleground State

Chuck Todd: “This isn’t a good day for Mitch McConnell”

The news this week that a second Georgia Senate seat will be on the ballot next November is expanding the battle for the Senate, putting Republicans even further on defense on the 2020 map and offering Democrats another key opportunity for a pickup in an emerging battleground state that is “already competitive because of [its] partisan makeup.”

Donald Trump carried Georgia by just 5 points in 2016 and has since hit a 56% disapproval rating among voters there in some recent polling. According to Morning Consult, Trump’s net approval in Georgia since taking office has plunged by 16 points. In 2018, Democrats earned more votes than at any point in recent history and made historic gains, and the floor continues to rise for Democratic candidates as growth in Atlanta and shifts in the suburbs reshape the state’s electorate. An expanded electorate in a presidential year will continue to boost statewide Democratic candidates.

“This is yet another Senate seat Republicans will need to defend next year in an increasingly competitive battleground where the president’s approval has plunged by double digits since taking office,” said DSCC spokesperson Stewart Boss.

What they’re saying about Georgia and the 2020 Senate map:

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