GOP Pre-Existing Conditions Lawsuit a “Serious Threat” to Americans’ Coverage

After the first day of oral arguments in the Republican lawsuit to eliminate pre-existing conditions, reports confirm that the GOP arguments centered on stripping away key consumer protections and that the lawsuit poses a “serious threat” to Americans’ coverage. A poll released yesterday by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 75 percent of Americans believe it is “very important” to protect coverage for pre-existing conditions.

“Republican Senate candidates are on the wrong side of voters and this lawsuit shines a spotlight both on the harm they’re causing families and on a major liability just weeks away from the midterm elections,” said Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman David Bergstein. “By suing to end protections for pre-existing conditions coverage, candidates like Josh Hawley and Patrick Morrisey have shown how far they’ll go to serve the special interests at the expense of their constituents. By supporting the lawsuit, candidates like Kevin Cramer and Mike Braun have shown they’ll stand by their political party even if it’s wrong for their states. By refusing to oppose, candidates like Martha McSally and Rick Scott show they can’t be trusted to stand up for voters. In November, Senate Republicans and their candidates will be held accountable for their records of trying to take away these core protections.”

See our full recap of what you need to know about the lawsuit.

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