GOP Senate Paved the Way for Trump’s Raid on Military Construction Projects

Senators Gardner, Ernst, McSally, Perdue, Tillis among the vulnerable incumbents who voted to uphold Trump’s irresponsible emergency declaration earlier this year

GOP Senators failed to stand up to President Trump earlier this year when they voted to uphold his irresponsible emergency declaration, paving the way for the administration’s raid on $3.6 billion in military construction projects. It’s the latest example of GOP Senators siding with party leaders in Washington against what’s right for their states.

“Republicans Senators put billions of dollars in funding for critical military construction across the country at risk, including projects in their own states,” said DSCC spokesman Stewart Boss. “Whether it was political self-interest or spinelessness, these vulnerable incumbents failed a core test of leadership and independence, and voters will hold them accountable for failing to stand up for what’s right.”

The Senate vote on the emergency declaration in March emerged as a major liability for vulnerable Republican incumbents across the country – from Senator Cory Gardner, who was rebuked by the Denver Post in a stinging editorial rescinding their 2014 endorsement, to Senator Thom Tillis, whose “Olympic gold flip-flop” earned him a GOP primary challenger

Here’s a quick reminder of how this is impacting GOP Senators up in 2020: 


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