GOP Senators Ready to Leave Town Without Fixing Raid on Home-State Military Installations

A week after voters learned funding for military projects in their home states would be diverted, vulnerable Republican Senators are getting ready to leave Washington but haven’t taken action to stop the President’s raid — even though they once bragged about helping secure these funds. The incumbents “cannot dodge the issue” and are so far refusing to back down from their support for this reckless declaration — despite the cost to their constituents.

“These craven Republican Senators don’t have the backbone to stand up to President Trump, even when it means watching their own states and military communities lose out on millions of dollars in funding,” said DSCC spokesperson Stewart Boss. “Vulnerable GOP senators like Thom Tillis, Cory Gardner, Martha McSally, John Cornyn, Lindsey Graham and John Cornyn have had a week to try to fix this problem they created, but they’d rather toe the party line in Washington than lift a finger to reverse these significant cuts to military projects in their own backyards that will hurt their own constituents.”

Here’s what they’re saying about Republicans’ total failure of leadership one week out:

  • POLITICO: Republicans support Trump’s wall even after he grabs military funds from their states
  • CNBC: Trump’s move to put $3.6 billion in military funding toward the border wall could hurt GOP senators
  • Wall Street Journal: Republicans Feel the Heat of Trump’s Military Fund Shifts
  • MSNBC’s Morning Joe: States with GOP senators to lose out to Trump’s wall
  • HuffPost: Vulnerable Republicans Squeezed By Trump’s Emergency Declaration Once Again
  • HuffPost: GOP Senators Who Backed Trump’s Emergency Declaration Lose Military Funding
  • Bloomberg News: Shift of Military Funds to Border Wall Hits States Across U.S.
  • National Journal: “19 Republicans who originally voted to sustain Trump’s veto will have funding stripped from local military construction projects. Several of them face tough reelection battles in 2020.”
  • New York Times: “Mr. Gardner and Mr. Tillis both came under criticism in their home states for failing to protect military installations”
  • Associated Press: “endangered Republicans Cory Gardner of Colorado and Martha McSally of Arizona supported Trump in the earlier vote in March but stand to each lose funding for a home state project”
  • Washington Post: “GOP senators up for reelection who have backed Trump on his border emergency… are losing millions in federal funding for key military projects in their home states”
  • Daily Beast: “the administration will also divert plenty of dollars from projects in states with Republican representation, complicating politics for a handful of GOP senators with the most difficult re-election fights in 2020”
  • Vox: “Senators in swing states like Colorado, Arizona, and North Carolina are the ones in the most precarious position as the vote approaches”

And here’s what Republicans’ constituents are reading about their spineless Senators:

  • AZ – Tucson Sentinel: “McSally has been supportive of the Trump administration’s maneuver to use military construction funding… McSally also voted against a resolution to block Trump’s declaration.”
  • CO – Denver Post Editorial: Now we know Gardner failed to protect Colorado from cuts in addition to failing the U.S. Constitution
  • CO – 9News’ Kyle Clark: “for the servicemembers in Colorado left waiting for the projects they were promised, whether President Trump played Senator Gardner or whether Senator Gardner played us: in the end, the result is the same.”
  • NC – Greensboro News & Record Editorial: “The loss of funds could also hurt Tillis, who is up for re-election next year, and who in March voted to support the dubious emergency declaration that Trump is using to justify his raid on military construction funds… North Carolina won’t be the only state suffering because of Trump’s tantrum, but it’s one of the hardest hit.”
  • NC – Charlotte Observer Editorial: “The $80 million in N.C. cuts were more than in any other state with a GOP senator facing reelection in 2020. Trump’s wall already was the source of one of the senator’s weakest moments… Now that decision will doubly haunt him.”


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