GOP Senators Silent on Multimillion Dollar Raid on Home States’ Military Construction Projects

Back in Washington, vulnerable incumbents aren’t stepping up to fix deferred funds Another obstacle for some of the Senate’s most endangered Republicans.”

A day after returning to Washington, vulnerable Senate Republicans still have yet to do anything to stop the Trump administration’s raid on “millions in federal funding for key military projects in their home states” — which they enabled when they voted earlier this year to uphold President Trump’s sham emergency declaration. Now, these Republicans are leaving their constituents to pay the price for their spinelessness and refusing to take action to restore the hundreds of millions of dollars in lost funding they once bragged about helping secure. Democrats are now expected to force another vote in Congress this year aimed at overturning Trump’s irresponsible emergency declaration.

“If you thought vulnerable Republican Senators would do what’s right for their states and get to work reversing the hundreds of millions of dollars they allowed the Trump administration to divert from military construction projects, you’d be wrong again,” said DSCC spokesperson Stewart Boss. “The Senate has been back in session for a full day, but after spineless Senate Republicans refused to stand up to the sham emergency declaration that paved the way for this shameful raid on military construction projects in their states, they’re now sitting on their hands, looking on helplessly as their own self-serving politics cost their constituents millions of dollars.”

Read more about Senate Republicans’ failure to protect their states:

  • Washington Post: “GOP senators up for reelection who have backed Trump on his border emergency… are losing millions in federal funding for key military projects in their home states.”
  • CNBC: Trump’s move to put $3.6 billion in military funding toward the border wall could hurt GOP senators
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  • Washington Post: “To be sure, GOP senators who supported Trump’s emergency declaration didn’t get spared.”
  • Bloomberg News: Shift of Military Funds to Border Wall Hits States Across U.S.
  • Daily Beast: “the administration will also divert plenty of dollars from projects in states with Republican representation, complicating politics for a handful of GOP senators with the most difficult re-election fights in 2020”
  • AZ – Tucson Sentinel: “McSally has been supportive of the Trump administration’s maneuver to use military construction funding… McSally also voted against a resolution to block Trump’s declaration.”
  • NC – Charlotte Observer Editorial: “The $80 million in N.C. cuts were more than in any other state with a GOP senator facing reelection in 2020. Trump’s wall already was the source of one of the senator’s weakest moments… Now that decision will doubly haunt him.”


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