Must-Read Denver Post Editorial: “Gardner Failed to Protect Colorado from Cuts in Addition to Failing the U.S. Constitution”

Denver Post (which already rescinded Gardner’s 2014 endorsement): “Gardner can’t defend Colorado and the U.S. Constitution… or just one or the other”

The Denver Post ran a scathing editorial this weekend, slamming Senator Cory Gardner’s “astounding” failure to stand up for Colorado and “pitiful attempt to rewrite history,” as Gardner’s vote to uphold President Trump’s reckless emergency declaration costs Colorado millions of dollars in diverted military project funding. The Denver Post had already gone so far as to rescind its 2014 endorsement of Senator Gardner earlier this year, calling Gardner’s spineless vote in support of the sham emergency declaration a “failure of leadership.”

Senator Gardner is one of the “most likely Republicans to lose their Senate seats next year,” yet rather than fight for Coloradans, Gardner has proudly endorsed President Trump’s re-election, promised to campaign alongside him in 2020, and voted with the White House 99% of the time – including on the vote that enabled Trump’s multimillion-dollar raid of funding for Colorado’s Peterson Air Force Base. 


Denver Post: Editorial: Now we know Gardner failed to protect Colorado from cuts in addition to failing the U.S. Constitution

September 8, 2019

Key Points:

  • Sen. Cory Gardner should be livid with the president, but Colorado’s Republican senator is still squarely in Donald Trump’s corner. It’s astounding.
  • So we thought we’d help jog Gardner’s memory… 
  • Trump took the unprecedented step of declaring an emergency at the border allowing him to divert funds from things Congress had funded to build the wall. Gardner had his opportunity to oppose this clear effort to undermine congressional authority. He had a chance to stand up for the Constitution and send a message to future presidents that they are not dictators with ultimate authority over spending and legislation. Gardner did none of those things.
  • He voted against the resolution of disapproval of the president’s emergency declaration — the resolution passed with the support of 12 Republicans who saw the danger Trump’s actions posed to our legislative branch of government, but Trump vetoed it. Gardner’s support would have been one step closer to a veto-proof majority. It mattered, as did the message it would have sent.
  • Gardner’s office even boasted that Colorado would be spared from any fiscal year 2019 cuts … failing to mention or not being aware that the fiscal year 2018 project at Peterson Air Force base was on the chopping block.
  • We think it’s unfortunate Gardner can’t defend Colorado and the U.S. Constitution at the same time, or even one at a time, or just one or the other.

Read the full editorial here.


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