QUICK CLIP: Morning Joe on “GOP Senators Whose State Will Lose Money to Trump’s Wall”

“Thom Tillis… he just stole $80 million from your state! How weak are you?”

GOP strategist: “This has obviously political implications” for Republican Senators

As their votes to uphold President Trump’s sham emergency declaration cost their states hundreds of millions of dollars in military construction funding, vulnerable GOP Senators are nowhere to be found. Morning Joe eviscerated Republicans’ failure to stand up for their states as critical defense and military preparedness projects pay the price.


Key Points:

  • “…Donald Trump is gutting $80 million from Thom Tillis. Martha McSally in Arizona couldn’t stop Donald Trump from gutting $30 million from Arizona military bases.”
  • “Cory Gardner, state of Colorado, $8 million stolen from his military projects. Lindsey Graham, $11 million stolen from South Carolina, and John Cornyn, $38 million stolen from the state of Texas for John Cornyn, who’s up in an election in 2020.”
  • “I would like to be running against Thom Tillis in North Carolina, either in the Republican primary or against him in the fall, and please explain to me, Senator Tillis, why you allowed $80 million to be diverted from people who really serve our country.”
  • “John Cornyn said it wasn’t worth it, Lindsey Graham said it wasn’t worth it. So he stole money from their states and they couldn’t stop him. They were too weak to stop him.”
  • “Thom Tillis… he just stole $80 million from your state! How weak are you?”
  • “This has obviously political implications with Thom Tillis in North Carolina, which is not exactly a rock-solid Republican state. And then you have Cory Gardner, not exactly a rock-solid state. And you know, you put those two seats at risk.”
  • “It’s not just about jobs in the state of North Carolina, or the state of Texas, or the state of Colorado… it’s about the defense of this country.”

Watch the full clip here.


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