QUICK CLIP: “Thom Tillis Doesn’t Represent the People of North Carolina”

“Thom Tillis is nothing more than a stooge for Donald Trump”

MSNBC’s Morning Joe eviscerated Senator Thom Tillis – who is under pressure from a wealthy and conservative primary challenger – for repeatedly refusing to repudiate racist comments and chants at President Trump’s rally in North Carolina this week. Here are some highlights of the discussion:

  • Thom Tillis “has been such a great disappointment”
  • “Where is Thom Tillis? Like is he on Mars?”
  • “Thom Tillis doesn’t represent the people of North Carolina. Thom Tillis represents Donald Trump. So good luck with that in 2020…”
  • “It’s sad, Thom Tillis is nothing more than a stooge for Donald Trump”

Read more here about Tillis’ very bad week in the spotlight:

Charlotte Observer Editorial: Are you OK with a racist president, Republicans?

  • “It’s dangerous, destructive behavior, and at the least every Republican lawmaker in Congress should declare as much about their president’s outburst. That includes North Carolina’s most senior leaders, Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis. We know this isn’t easy politically, especially for Tillis, who is running for reelection and faces a Republican primary challenger in a race to see who can embrace the president more fully. Tillis, of course, has a history of comically wavering on Trump — standing up then backing down on issues that include the Mueller investigation and the president’s declaration of a national emergency at the southern border.”
  • “If you don’t believe it, listen to the meekness today from Republicans, including those who represent our state. Instead of standing up for who we should be, they’re bowing to the worst of who we are.”

WRAL Editorial: Would Trump tell white congressmen: ‘Go back where you came from’?

  • “It’s hard to figure out what universe Sen. Thom Tillis might be in given his defense of Trump’s remarks. “The president’s not a racist, he’s not a xenophobe. He’s the son of an immigrant, he’s the husband of an immigrant. And people are trying to mischaracterize him,” said Tillis, who is seeking re-election and won Trump’s endorsement. Tillis seems to deny the obvious.”
  • “Standing with President Trump’s bigotry is hollow and expedient. The silence from North Carolina’s congressional Republicans speaks volumes.”

Washington Post: ‘Send her back!’ chant: Sen. Tillis says Trump doesn’t control crowd, while Rep. Walker fears it will define GOP

  • “On Thursday, Tillis defended the president, saying he had no control over the crowd and equating the event to a rock concert. Walker, a former pastor who has worked in refugee camps, called the chants offensive and said such rhetoric needs to stop before it defines the Republican Party.”
  • “The divergent responses from the two North Carolina Republicans underscore how Trump’s attacks on Omar and three other minority congresswomen have simultaneously roiled the GOP and energized the president’s core voters. It also underscored how few Republicans are willing to criticize the president and potentially jeopardize their reelection chances as Trump has a stranglehold on the party.”


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