What They’re Saying About McSally: “This appointment makes the seat harder to defend”

AZ Republic’s EJ Montini: “A couple of years with Sen. Martha McSycophant would be a gift to anyone looking to run against her.”
McCain’s Son-In-Law: “McSally strikes me as an unwise choice for a number of reasons.”

There’s a reason why Republicans are saying McSally’s Senate appointment makes the seat harder to defend:” she already lost one U.S. Senate race when her brand of dishonest, self-serving politics was rejected by Arizonans of every political persuasion. See for yourself:

Arizona Republic’s EJ Montini:

  • A couple of years with Sen. Martha McSycophant would be a gift to anyone looking to run against her in two years.
  • McSally can’t risk straying from the Trump fold if she wants all the support she’ll need to run for a full term in a couple of years. Not support from you, or any other Arizona voter, but support from McConnell and President Trump.


  • Many Arizona Republicans were disappointed by McSally’s campaign and questioned whether she would be the strongest choice for McCain’s seat.


  • Republican donors and officials reportedly warned Ducey against nominating her to a Senate seat. “This appointment makes the seat harder to defend than if Ducey would have appointed someone more palatable to the electorate,” Arizona-based GOP donor Dan Eberhart said to Roll Call on Tuesday.


  • “McSally strikes me as an unwise choice for a number of reasons.” […]  McCain’s son-in-law, Ben Domenech, tweeted last week.

New York Times:

  • Ducey of Arizona on Tuesday appointed Representative Martha McSally to the Senate seat previously held by John McCain, bowing to the preferences of Washington Republicans despite his own misgivings about Ms. McSally’s lackluster Senate campaign this year.

Wall Street Journal:

  • Republicans in the state had urged Mr. Ducey to pick someone other than Ms. McSally to improve the party’s odds at holding the seat. They pointed to Ms. McSally’s loss in the race to succeed departing Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake. Before Ms. Sinema, Arizona last elected a Democrat to the Senate in 1988.


  • McSally moved to her right during the 2018 GOP primary as Republicans Kelli Ward and Joe Arpaio took aim at her right flank. But that shift cost her in the general election, as Democrats tied her to President Trump.  She’ll have to do that same balancing act again to protect herself from a credible primary challenge but be ready for a general election


Watch this video of some of McSally’s most pathetic moments on the campaign trail:


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